How important is customer support in your company model? It’s a good question but one that has a simple answer. Customer support is one of the most crucial areas of your business. You need to ensure that customers feel as though they always have someone they can talk to if they have an issue. If they don’t, it can lead to more problems for your business.

Poor reputation

In the age of online reviews, customer support is even more vital. If customers feel like their complaint or issue has not been handled effectively, they will write up their own complaint online. This will quickly impact the demand for your business as well as your company reputation. You’ll struggle to attract new business clients with reviews like this around. You can deal with negative reviews by responding to them, but this won’t completely solve the problem.

No multi-buys

A successful business model relies on a repeat purchase. Very few businesses will be able to survive if customers are only buying once. Unfortunately, that is exactly what will happen if you don’t have a brilliant customer support system setup. Customers will buy once, but if their order is not handled effectively, they won’t buy again.

Attractive competition

You might find that the competition starts to look a lot more attractive to customers. The forex investment trade for example, has become increasingly popular with average members of general public. The infographic below explains why customer service has everything to do with it.

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