The transportation sector is facing congestion and infrastructure issues in many areas because of population shifts. The good news, however, is that a number of startups centred around transportation have been created to address these issues.

Many transportation disruptors including Uber and Lyft are making catching public transportation easier than ordering lunch. A lot more startups are in the process of redefining how we get around. Fixing travel is something an increasing amount of startups across the globe are attempting to do.

The driving force behind the success of these startups is being able to provide a more efficient way for commuters to get where they want to be fast. Let’s take a look at other transportation businesses you probably don’t know but should.

1. Surf Air

Based in California, Surf Air pioneered membership-based air travel in 2013. Its value proposition was unlimited travel in a members’ only network with set membership fees as well as remarkable time savings by chartering smaller airplanes in and around metropolitan airports. For a fixed monthly fee, passengers can enjoy unlimited flights which makes it a great option for frequent flyers.

2. Beacon

Similar to Surf Air, Beacon provides unlimited flights between Boston and New York for a fixed monthly fee. Instead of selling fares or renting out planes, the company offers subscription-based flights. Easy last-minute bookings are available thanks to hourly departures.

Unlike commercial airlines which charge per flight, the company charges a fixed monthly rate that allows unrestricted travel between its destinations. And there’s no need to buy a ticket since you can reserve a seat using your mobile app. You’ll then be able to simply show up for your flight at the time of departure and go straight through the line, making the whole experience much more convenient.

3. Rise

Rise is an all-you-can-fly air travel membership service based in Texas. Founded in June 2014, the company offers a three-tiered monthly membership program that allows for unlimited flights between Dallas, Austin, and Houston. The company does not own aircrafts or employ any pilot, instead, it has partnered with air operator Monarch Air for all its services. Monarch Air allowed Rise to brand a number of its aircrafts with the company’s colours and logo.

Passengers can go online or use their mobile phones to book flights within seconds. And when flying, passengers can enjoy benefits such as concierge services and bypassing security queues.

4. TopTests

This startup is changing the way we take driving lessons. Working with a team of instructors, creates mock driving theory tests that are in accordance with the UK Highway Code. These tests are then made available publicly and new drivers can access them online or through a smartphone app.

In addition to mock DVLA practice tests, the site offers up to six motorcycle tests and practice tests on rules and regulations, fines and limits, and road signalisation. What’s better is that all these courses are free and available to anyone with an internet connection.

All these startups have one thing in common, they provide concrete solutions to everyday issues faced by travellers. By solving these issues, these startups are providing a better way for booking flights, boarding planes and taking driving lessons.