Startups are hard. Starting a new business is even harder, especially when you have to market a new brand. It’s a lot of work for marketers. You need all the right tools to strategically put together a creative plan, implement it, talk to customers, consistently send out updates and analyze and understand customer data. Every entrepreneur cannot get a business off the ground smoothly without the right marketing resources.

From print advertising to social marketing to web analytics, these are some of the most important tools your business can use to get your marketing message to the right audience.

Print marketing materials

Technology has quite literally taken over marketing in many companies. Digital marketing has become an increasingly popular option for a lot of businesses. But don’t rule out print marketing just yet when considering effective marketing tools for your business.

Print marketing materials, including booklets, large print posters, leaflets, brochures and vouchers have consistently proven to be some of the best ways to attract customers. Unlike digital marketing marketing tools, print advertising gives your prospective customers the chance to really digest your marketing message. You are more likely to attract a lot more new customers when you use print materials to announce business giveaways, discounts, and seasonal reductions.

And people are more likely to hold on to print offers and giveaways until they need to use them. Having more than one way to market your business solidifies your brand and establishes brand recognition.

Quality materials cannot be overemphasised when your business wants to use print to attract new users. Every business needs the best print materials to get the right and consistent marketing message to their audience. To increase your business’ prominence and visibility, invest in the right point of sale displays, advertising signs, stand up displays and banners where necessary.

Business blogging

If you are still looking for opportunities to attract and retain customers, business blogging is an effective tool your business can use. Popular brands like Buffer and HubSpot are constantly educating their customers whilst they spread their marketing messages through blogging.

WordPress is the safe bet for business blogging but if you haven’t found the time to build a custom business blog yet, use Medium. It’s a great and easy writing platform for marketers who are new to blogging. Medium allows you to send out email newsletter to your followers and engage with your audience when you successfully create a new publication.

Social management tools

Repetitive social media marketing processes like scheduling marketing messages, sending updates, curating and spread those updates across the next day or week can easily be done by tools like Buffer, Zapier, ManageFlitter and Hootsuite.

Concentrate on what you do best: delivering amazing customer service whilst these tools spread your marketing messages for your business. You can easily integrate all of your social platforms in one place and automate posts to target your audience when they are most engaged.

Real-time web analytics

Your chances of surviving can be significantly boosted if you measure your business data. You should know how many people visit your business site and what percentage of those actually click on the right buttons or most importantly sign up or buy from you.

Do you know which channels attract the most traffic for your business? Analytics platforms give you a better idea of the marketing tools that work best. The right marketing tools can help you find out who your audience is and how they found your site.

You can also discover which keywords you should be using and test different platforms to see what works best for you. You will be able to measure your audience data to improve and grow your business. Google Analytics, SEMRush, Alexa, Moz, CrazyEgg, Open Site Explorer and KissMetrics are a few of the most popular analytics tools for startups.

Video and image tools

Video and image marketing are some of the most popular ways to reach your targeted audience. Many businesses are leveraging tools like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Pinterest to reach a lot more people. You can use Canva and Snappa to create amazing business image assets. To get the best results, consult professionals to design your images for lasting impression.

A product explainer video on both YouTube and on your homepage will direct more traffic to your site, increase leads and even lower support queries. You will be able to increase your conversion rates if done well. Many businesses are using explainers videos to amplify their brands. This report shows 59% of marketers are already using animated explainer videos to spread marketing messages.

Done right, marketing can drive targeted traffic to your business. With the right tools, your marketing efforts won’t be a waste of your precious time.