It’s vital to consider safety and health for your business, whether it’s a small startup or a huge corporation. Keeping your employees and your customers safe is essential, and you could be in a lot of trouble if you fail to do it.

There are some top considerations to take into account if you perform a risk assessment of your premises and business activities. Don’t neglect the following areas when you create a health and safety plan for your business.

Using machinery and equipment

For many businesses, using heavy machinery or equipment poses a huge hazard. Ensuring that employees are adequately trained is one of the key ways to mitigate these risks. Maintenance of equipment is also essential to make sure malfunctions don’t cause problems.


Hygiene matters to all businesses but can be more important for some. For example, any business that deals with food or exists in the care sector may need to pay particular attention to hygiene issues. Staff training again plays a key role, but so does the provision of adequate facilities.

Fire risk

Fire risk is another thing that all businesses need to take into account, although some might have to consider a greater risk. There are various things to think about, from potential causes of fire to evacuation plans.

Handling hazardous materials

Some business activities involve the handling of hazardous materials. There are often laws and regulations to follow when it comes to carrying out this type of work. It’s essential to ensure that any dangerous substances are handled properly.

Infographic By Safety Data Sheet

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