Regardless of what task it is, the easiest way to learn something is to get involved with it. For example, if you’re practising a language then the best way to make sure that knowledge stays in your head is to visit the country or immerse yourself in the culture. Watch films or videos in that language, read the news in that language and get involved with the culture. That way you’re forced into uncomfortable situations and you need to adapt and learn quickly to prevent yourself looking silly.

Get uncomfortable with your surroundings

Throwing yourself into an uncomfortable situation is the fastest way to learn something—assuming you have the motivation. Unfortunately, many business owners are too scared to do this in fear that it’ll tarnish their name or ruin their investment into their business. While this is true, there’s also no reason that you can’t start a business with basic knowledge and then improve on it as you learn.

The internet is filled with useful information, courses and tips that one can follow while they run a business. The trick is to start a passive business, such as content creation, a blog or a YouTube channel. Since most of your revenue is gained from the content you make, you don’t feel pressured to meet deadlines or respond to customer demands, and you can take it easy as you learn.

Put design work into your own hands

Design work is one of the most commonly outsourced roles in a business. No business (especially a startup) wants to hire an employee solely to design things. Instead, they’ll outsource it and pay per job instead of paying someone a monthly salary for infrequent work. This has lead to a big boom in the freelance design industry, where people are willing to play ludicrous amounts of money for professionally designed pieces of art.

Fortunately, most people don’t need professional pieces of design work. Instead, they can get by with simple logos, banners and images. Sadly, very few people know how to do even the most simple design work, and they could benefit from a lesson or two.

For example, did you know it’s easy to design business cards? This list at will show you how easy it is to create a stunning business card. All the designs are simple and don’t have fancy drawings or logos.

Study with online blogs and resources

There are thousands of online posts like this one that’ll teach you tidbits of information on how to run a business or use a specific software application. While much of the posts to touch on the same topics, it’s a good idea to read and gather as much information as you can. Different bloggers can approach a problem from different angles, and it’s never a bad idea to get into the minds of people and learn how they think.

As you learn more information, you can continue to apply it to your own situation so that you’re constantly learning new tricks, tips, and learning from your mistakes as well. Your growth should be consistent, but don’t get discouraged if your business is taking a long time to get off the ground.