We are now in an era where people don’t just see a job as means of getting paid. People now want to enjoy their job. They want to feel job satisfaction. They want to like the people they work with and like the work environment and feel like their time there is both fulfilling and pleasant.

They want their offices to mimic the tech startup offices of Silicon Valley, with flavored coffees on tap and bean bags on the floor. Of course, these type of environment has its perks; enjoyment in the workplace has proven to boost both morale and efficiency. So as a business owner, or a manager, how do you go about doing this?

The first step is to accept this is the new way of office life and to embrace it as a positive, harness it as a means of replacing job frustration with job satisfaction. And below are a few ideas on how to get started:

Team bonding exercises

These should be a regular thing. Not every week, but once a month or every couple of months. They should also be fun and quirky and, in return, the workplace will be boosted by a better social vibe. We’re talking escape rooms or high-wire rope courses. But the best way to be inventive on this front is to give a different person, or team, the task of coming up with next event.

No more email

The heyday of the office email is over. Yes it’s effective in getting a message out, and communicating efficiently, but recent research has found that it has negative effects too. We all live in a world of social media, so why not bring this concept into the workplace with software like Trello to improve communications amongst peers.

A new era of comfort

This doesn’t have to mean beanbags, and sleep pods, and organic gardening rooms. It can just mean bringing in more ergonomic office chairs, easy on the eye monitors and adjustable standing desks. We are becoming less and less active as people, sitting at our desks all day in the office before going home and watching the latest TV show whilst checking our smartphones. An active attempt to counter this will go a long way amongst your employees.


This is a massive way of showing you care about a work-life balance, and it will work in your favor. How? Because employees will be encouraged to stay with your company in the long run, which is part of the reason why companies such as Marsh, Adobe and Deloitte have brought this technique into their workplaces.

So long as an employee has worked at the company for a certain amount of time, they can take an extended break to pursue their personal passions. What better way to improve morale and make your office into a haven.

Birthday Treat

This might not sound like a big deal, but offering staff a paid day off on their special day is the ultimate birthday treat. This gesture will show your staff that you care about them, which will arouse a healthy dose of employee appreciation in return. Win-win.