Modern societies have unprecedented access to information. Regular access to event and entertainment news keeps you informed and educated about what goes on around you. Current  and up-to-date information helps you stay up to date with local events and entertainment programmes.

But staying updated about events and information relevant to you can be overwhelming. With the right app, you won’t have to waste time looking for events and entertainment news that really matters to you.

UrbanMatteran online events and entertainment website that has recently integrated into the mobile app space wants to help you stay informed about entertainment events and info that really matters to you on the go.

UrbanMatter shares the most trusted and on-trend info on local music, restaurants, nightlife, culture, and lifestyle.

Now conveniently available for mobile devices, you can stay in the loop on your favorite city events and stories while you’re on the go. Chat with other users in the forum, share stories and events with your friends, and submit your own stories, pictures, and videos for a chance to get featured.

You can also manage your saved stories, events, and your own submissions on your own unique profile for easy accessibility.

Bookmarked stories, saved events, and submissions, can be managed in a unique profile and interactions are shared with notifications.

UrbanMatter has future plans for expansion to other major metropolitan cities like New York and LA.