Even the most dedicated and motivated people sometimes feel depressed, and look for inspiration. Life is hard and difficult, and it keeps us putting in the situations where we have to undergo the immense struggle in order to achieve our objectives.

It may seem impossible sometimes to achieve your goals, but the right inspiration can do the trick and can get you back on the path towards success. All you need is an inspirational calendar, which can keep you inspired one month at a time, and ensure that you stay motivated throughout the year.

Following are the most efficacious ways to get inspired one month at a time and stay dedicated towards your goals.

One goal at a time

When a lot goes on in your mind, you easily get distracted. Moreover, when you are going through too much in your life, multiple goals can sap your motivation and energy. So, its always better to prioritize your goals, and take one at a time. Pursuing too many things at a time can only make things worse for you.

And you will probably not achieve any of them if you spread yourself too thin. Focus on one thing at a time and your chances of success will increase significantly. What is the one goal you really want to achieve in the next month, quarter or this year? You limited time and resources should be focused on trying to achieve that instead of multiple goals.

Build anticipation

While it may sound ridiculous to many, but, it is, indeed, one of the best ways to get inspired. If you find something inspiring and have a goal in mind which you want to achieve, don’t straightway head towards it. This might give you an initial excitement, but when you start right away, you don’t give yourself enough time to think about what this goal can do for yourself, how it can impact your life and in what way it will bring success to you.

Moreover, we lack a proper plan. However, on the flip side, if you give yourself a little bit of time, you would be able to achieve better things in life as you will be moving forward only after thinking thoroughly about it.

Start building on small successes

If you start small, aim for small achievements which are completely realistic, give yourself enough time to adapt yourself with the new goals you have set, you would be able to achieve the success. As you achieve the success, widen the scope of your goals and make them a bit bigger than the previous ones. For instance, if you want to lose weight and become fit, don’t aim for exercising for one hour every day.

There are very few people who set such a goal and achieve it with success. Instead, start with a goal of exercising 5 minutes a day for a week. Once you achieve it, increase the duration of exercise to 10 minutes. Gradually you will reach the target of exercising 1 hour, and you will train your body to do so, which implies, there are higher chances that you will stick to this goal for longer period. This is how you get inspired one month at a time.

Think about the advantages, and not the difficulties

When progressing on the path towards your goal, only think about the benefits. They will motivate and inspire you. But, if you think about the difficulties, you may get distracted. But remember, challenges and difficulties are only meant to make you stronger and better. Don’t give up in the face obstacles. A setback  is a set up for a come back.