Many people can’t find happiness at work. You can do something about it if you happen to be one of the many employees who are not happy at their present jobs.

In 2013, unhappy employees outnumbered happy ones by two to one worldwide, according to Gallup.  Based on the same studies only “13 percent of employees worldwide are happily engaged at work.” The survey took place in 142 countries and approximately 180 million employees took part in the survey.

Millions of people wish they could change jobs. The ugly truth is that, you may not find the happiness you are pursuing if you don’t fix the core issues that makes it difficult to find happiness in what you do.

Your total well being is just as important as your core job and the many important tasks you work on everyday. When you are happier at work, you are healthier and tend to accomplish more.

How then do you effectively balance professional productivity and personal happy in life. The infographic below, designed by NetCredit, explains the 15 science-based ways to find happiness at work.