Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. It makes life incredibly easy. But the downsides can be challenging to handle. While parents want to be able to communicate with family members instantly, keeping them safe is also a huge concern.

It’s inevitable that your kids will own and use a tablet, laptop, or a smartphone at some point in their lives. One of the best things you can do is to secure their mobile devices to prevent and avoid intrusions. If you are concerned about online harassment, you can monitor you kid’s social media, email, and other online activities to help them.

Children that are harassed may become withdrawn and depressed. It can have tragic consequences, and if you are not monitoring and looking out for these things, it can have behavioural consequences on your child.  Proper, non-intrusive monitoring can prevent problems before they even become an issue.

Family Orbit want to make it easy to locate, monitor and protect your family members. The app helps you stay connected with your kids at all times, locate them when necessary, share messages and photos, as well as contact them immediately in case of an emergency.

And when the need arises, you can monitor your child’s phone activities like contacts, calendar, photos, phone logs and more. You can also track their where-about with a real-time locator.

Family Orbit is a great option for parents who want to know where their child is at, especially if the child is not responding to text messages or answering phone calls.

If you are also concerned about your child’s driving habits, Family Orbit allows you to set the speed limit control alert to ensure that your teen is driving safely. Once activated, you will receive an alert when your teen exceeds the speed limit. This feature helps parents to keep their kids safe behind the wheel, and to enforce safe driving habits.

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