A holiday is supposed to be a time of relaxation and fun; a time when you can forget all of the worries that you have at home. However, money is one problem that refuses to go away even when you’re on holiday.

When your budget is small but your ideas are big, you can’t help but feel that you can’t make the most of your holiday without the money to do it. Well, there are a few ways that you can save money leading up to and during your holiday that might take some of that weight off of your shoulders:

Holiday differently

If you take your holiday in the winter during the winter you’ll find that everything about the experience will be a lot more pleasant, as well as a lot cheaper. The accommodation will be cheaper, tickets to tourist attractions will be cheaper, tourist spots will be less busy, traffic around the airport will be less hectic and you’re far less likely to get sunburned or eaten alive by mosquitos depending on where you’re going.

Perhaps you might also like to consider taking your holiday in less popular or common locations. Instead of renting a room at a 5* hotel in Rome, why not book a room along the Ionian Coast? The accommodation will be cheaper, the restaurants and bars will be cheaper, and you’ll have a unique holiday experience.

Travel smart

Booking your flights earlier will save you a lot of money and trouble. If you’re not averse to a bit of waiting around the airport, you can also save some money by booking flights that have airport changes. Having a switchover can sometimes cut the price of your flights in half, so check out some of your options before you book.

When it comes to airport parking it also pays to book early. However, another way you can save money is by going online to compare parking prices at airport. There are price comparison sites that will show you all of your options. Simply enter the details of your flights and with one click you’ll have a page full of quotes for you to browse. You’ll be surprised at what sort of deals you can find when you do some online research.

Be prepared to travel

While we’re travelling, especially if it’s a long distance, we always tend to buy a couple of things along the way: some food, a souvenir, a pair of sunglasses to replace the ones you left at home, and some snacks. However, it’s these small purchases that all add up to a big loss. If you prepare proper supplies for your travel you’ll barely have to spend a penny.

Pack food and drinks for the trip, sun cream, chargers, books and anything else that you might possibly need. Items you buy in or around the airport always cost twice as much as they do anywhere else, so avoid those shops like the plague. Wait until you’re closer to civilisation to visit any shops and get any urgent supplies.