You might have heard that the business office has become a relic. It’s an outdated part of the business model that costs a fortune with no added benefit. That’s what they say, but we think this is a completely misguided view. It’s something that people tell themselves when they can’t afford an office.

It’s easier to think that you’re not missing out when if you don’t have one, you certainly are. Here’s a few benefits of the business office and why it should be one of the first things your company invests in.

Look successful, feel successful

First impressions count for a lot in the business world. If you want to attract new customers and clients to your business, you need to look like a huge success. Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to the home run business. Essentially, if you’re running a company from home people assume that’s the only way you can afford to run it.

It doesn’t matter if that’s not the reason, it’s always going to be an initial perception. When you run an office, you’ll have the chance to impress them straight out the gate. They can pull up outside your stunning business office and be greeted warmly by hand selected staff. We think you’ll agree this gives you the upperhand over a solopreneuer working from their bedroom desk.

All the staff in one place

You might be thinking about using a virtual team for your business.. A virtual team is another clever way to cut costs. It usually means hiring freelancers rather than taking people on with a permanent contract. You still get great employees but what are you missing out on?

You lose the office dynamics which can be as much of an asset as they are a hinderance. You might think that it just means more wasted time and idle gossip. But you’ll find a company runs far more effectively if everyone is able to communicate effectively. That’s never a guarantee with a virtual team.

Awesome locations

If you don’t have an office, where are going to run your business from? The most likely answer is your home which certainly has it’s advantages. For one thing, you can avoid the morning commute.

But, you don’t get the benefit of an ideal location. For instance, you can find office space for rent in commercial hotspots where you are guaranteed to get client interest. You might think that buy avoiding buying an office you’re saving money. But you could ultimately end up losing just as much as you save.

Best tech

Lastly, having a full business address allows you to use the best tech on the market. You might think that you can get all the resources you need at home. But that’s not true. For instance, you might want a cloud server.

For a full size, private cloud server, you need more than just a home. You need a full floor of your office for the setup. As such, if you want your company to operate at the fastest speed you do need a business address.