Search engine optimisation is one of the most powerful and misunderstood components of a successful marketing campaign. SEO is often seen as a way to cheat the system and use underhanded methods to try and promote your website to bump it up on Google’s listings.

Although there are many methods to gain a couple of extra rankings and more exposure on Google, most of them are shady and could even get your website barred from Google’s directory.

The dangers of unoriginal content

No one likes to read about things that are old. When you start an internet business, it’s paramount that you find unique ways to promote your brand. Variety is the key here, and reusing old tropes and marketing promotions is a quick way to end your company’s presence on Google. For starters, let’s dive into what makes Google tick.

Google’s objective is to create a directory of the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone on the planet. In order for Google to do this, it has to rank your content against every other website. So when you search for something like “information about ducks” you’ll receive millions of hits with websites about ducks.

To rank them in order of usefulness, Google runs various computerised checks to determine if the information is old, copied from another site, or unoriginal. The more flags the content raises, the less likely it will be shown on the front page.

So if you run an internet business such as a blog or podcast, then your information has to be original or else you will be flagged by Google’s searching algorithm and your content won’t be deemed original and it will cause your website to be ranked lower. This means less exposure, a smaller audience and ultimately less business.

How can I create original content?

Original doesn’t have to mean new—that;s one distinction that we need to make clear before we move on. Giving an opinion or having a different view on something already established counts as original, and that is what could give your content a unique edge to make it count as original and be ranked higher on Google’s algorithms. Original content can also mean that you are putting a spin or compiling older information, assuming it hasn’t been done before.

A digital marketing agency is the first go-to service when it comes to creating original content. The reason being because their writers fully understand what it means to write original content, and they can often give unique spins on advertising campaigns, content creation and even social media promotions that will always be original instead of reusing old assets and ideas.

Creating original content also depends on your audience. If you want to write excellent original content, then you need to consider the needs of your audience and what they would like to see. If your entire blog is based on an unoriginal idea such as music and film reviews, then you need to put a spin on it that plays to your strengths.

If you have a comedic personality, then you can inject some comedy into your reviews to make it more interesting and stand out. If you have a very critical personality, then you could make your content based on an angry persona.


  1. I absolutely agree with this article. Original content don’t have to be new, but it can have a unique style to make it appears that way…

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