In the 1989 film “A Field Of Dreams”, an Iowa corn farmer heard a voice saying: “If you build it, they will come.” Taking this reference to the concept of running a restaurant, however, the launch of a restaurant is only the beginning. Unless restaurateurs are actively involved in selling the experience, chances are diners won’t come.

While the basics of starting a restaurant business today have hardly changed, the restaurant marketing game has indeed become more dynamic than ever. Furthermore, barriers to starting a restaurant today are minimal.

Whether it’s traditional or digital media, paid or inbound tactics, restaurants can no longer afford to kick it old school. A signage simply won’t cut it anymore. With the myriad of marketing tactics available, crafting the right marketing strategy for restaurants can be overwhelming.

To help restaurateurs refocus their efforts towards a comprehensive marketing strategy for their diners, the team at Oddle came up with this great infographic on finding the Sweet Spot of Experience!

Restaurants may not be able to find the right marketing mix just yet, but this infographic will certainly help.