There are a number of perceived perks attached to being a business executive, such as having a Personal Assistant to organize your day and travel arrangements, or someone to take messages when you are not available.

If you want to feel more like a business executive yourself and enjoy some of the advantages that can come with the position, one way to do this would be to get some apps that are designed to emulate the experience.

Here is a look at apps that help you take your office with you, plus a better way to log expenses, a viable alternative to executive travel and a big business trick you can copy for free.

Get more done

If you are out of your office and have some downtime between meetings or waiting for a travel connection it would be a good time to get caught up with some of your letters that you need to write or you might want to start putting a proposal together for a customer.

It is not always possible to do that if you are traveling with just your tablet and a smartphone, but if you download an app like Dropbox, you can get to work using Microsoft Office without being at your desktop PC.

Cloud computing gives you the freedom to access your files on any device and from anywhere in the world. Dropbox automatically syncs to your other devices, so any changes you make to a document will be updated as you work, allowing you to improve your efficiency and make the most of every minute of the day.

Another useful tool to use would be a call recorder, and you can get it on Google Play. You can record all of your calls and then review them later, making notes on important points and what you agreed.

This will help ensure you don’t miss anything and you can even type out a proposal before you get back to the office.

Keep on top of expenses

If there is one thing that can regularly take up your time and cause you more headaches than it should it is the task of sorting out your business expenses.

If you don’t have someone to do it for you like some business executives do, the next best thing is to use an app like Expensify, which makes the job a lot simpler and easier.

One of the best features of Expensify is the ability to upload receipts using SmartScan on your phone. This will keep everything more organized and the reporting software is also considered to be user-friendly too.

Travel the world

Some top business executives continuously travel the world to attend meetings but you can emulate that ability to spread your wings in order to find new customers, without even having to leave home.

Video conferencing allows you to see and talk to anyone without the need to take a flight and rack up expensive hotel bills. Using an app like ClickMeeting will allow you to hold webinars and impress your colleagues and customers with the professionalism of your setup. The ClickMeeting webinar software helps you achieve your business goals.

All you need is a smartphone, not a suitcase, and you can be doing business with anyone around the globe.

Help is at hand

One of the perceived advantages of big business is the fact that they have the resources to offer 24/7 support to their customers, but you can replicate that service for a minimal outlay.

If your download HappyFox helpdesk software, you actually get a free trial, to begin with, so it won’t even cost you anything to provide the helpdesk experience and be on-call to handle requests whenever you want.

Remote customer service is a great way to build your business and is one of the tools that helps you compete and behave just like a top executive.

If you have these apps and others like it on your smartphone you should certainly feel more like you have already scaled the corporate heights.

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