Small businesses have numerous hurdles to jump over that their larger counterparts simply do not have to consider. For example, they must keep a firm client base, create income that exceeds the cost for business space and overhead and keep new product on the shelves in spite of difficult circumstances.

Small businesses looking to differentiate themselves or improve their customer base must consider taking their businesses online. Old excuses as to why online marketing does not work simply do not hold water these days.

Some business owners have complained that online marketing has not worked for them in the past, costs too much or is too confusing. However, numerous businesses today offer marketing tools for extremely reasonable prices or provide marketing help while letting the business owner do the majority of it for cost savings.

1. New customers

Online marketing can reach huge numbers of customers who had not previously heard of the business. According to Forbes, Google alone sees over five billion searches every day. Creating an online presence that reaches high on search result pages can be huge in finding people who are interested in the product or service being offered.

2. Improved reach

In addition, selling products online allows businesses to reach customers across the country. Even those who do not buy online may come into the local business because of the online exposure. Excellent online marketing can personalize the site, the products and the offers for the customer based on where he or she lives.

It can help reach new people based on where they live or what prior items or services interested them. Small businesses should keep in mind that a social media presence is also huge in improving their reach through society’s strata.

3. Customer retention

An internet presence can help small businesses create relationships with their new customers. A relationship can be maintained by sending follow-up emails, providing special offers on social media platforms and allowing customers to create product reviews that can be read online. These points will help customers feel more valued and will help them feel as if they are a part of the business’s community.

4. Brand differentiation

Finally, online sites can be tailored to such an extent that they can greatly aid in brand differentiation. Because most businesses now have online presences, those getting into the game will have to create special marketing that will allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Businesses can try using blogs and visually appealing graphics on their sites to show that they are modern, professional and innovative. Examples could include having a professional graphic designer create the site or doing it yourself using a banner creator and other various tools.

Most small businesses that have fully employed modern techniques of online marketing strategies have found that their client base has improved and thus they have earned more revenue.

In fact, some businesses have exploded with customer demand after going online because they were able to reach a nationwide or even global market where once they were only able to reach out locally.

Small business owners today need to say goodbye to the old way of looking at things and reach for the new marketing strategies that can take their businesses to the next level.

Emma is a freelance writing currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on business and technology.