As the maxim goes, “There is no I in team.” Similarly, teams aspire to a great sense of ‘spirit’ that’s felt by all its members.  However, how does one translate theory into practical improvements?  It’s understood that it takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, it takes a practical solution, such as a t-shirt, to promote team spirit. Here’s why.

Building block

To start, discussing the team name and design of the logo is a great way for members to get to know one another on a personal level. While the team is composed of individuals, each member contributes toward a collective personality.

Observing and describing that personality is how teams comprise accurate and catchy names. The t-shirt process starts with brainstorming for a name, which serves as the building block for the team.

Lessened turmoil

Some observe how freedom of expression can lead to argument and differences. A t-shirt escapes the opportunity for such differences to arise. Each team member will look similar, which promotes a sense of unity and deemphasizes a need for self-expression.

Rather than self-expression, each team member identifies as being a part of a greater whole. The t-shirt becomes symbolic of team unity and expression, which results in less internal turmoil.

Satisfied vanity

When you go to a department store for clothing, do you choose the first item you see?  Most choose clothing according to style, color, pattern, etc. Vanity matters. Team members will love uniforms that look fantastic.

Sure, you could use a permanent marker to write numbers and the team name on white t-shirts yet such would hardly pass as a uniform by most standards. Alternatively, you could order from Zoey’s Attic and improve the quality and appearance of the final product.

Invested emotion

Great uniforms cost money. Furthermore, the ideas put forth to create a team logo require time and effort. However, such an investment in time and resources shows team members how much they are valued and the team is taken seriously.

At times, you must give to get, so providing the team with great uniforms shows you value its members and the pursuit of communal goals.  Some investments are worth more than dollars and cents.

Visible unification

In today’s world, a person is inundated with symbols, signs, and propositions both physical and digital. It can make one oblivious to logos, especially one’s entire purpose.

Ideally, a symbol is used for branding and recognition but also serves as an inspiration to all members, whether they’re a part of a business or a volleyball squad.

A team logo is much more than a graphic for team members; it embodies values, goals, and shared characteristics.  It stirs emotion within team members as well as fans.

Lit path

For employees, t-shirts may illuminate a company’s past.  For example, an employee may wear a t-shirt associated with a previous product launch or annual picnic.

Obviously, you cannot own such a shirt unless you were one of the deserved, those who were a part of the specific launch and an employee of the company during a particular year.

T-shirts can inspire new employees to greatness.  For some, getting a t-shirt, much like a medal or certificate of recognition, lights a career path.

Instant recognition

Imagine attending a conference with hundreds or thousands of others. Each company in attendance will strive for recognition and differentiation. Every business understands the purpose of branding but not all of them are great at marketing.

T-shirts make wearers real time advocates for associated brands.  Imagine all employees in attendance wearing the company shirt.  The constant exposure helps solidify your brand in the minds of attendants.

Off-hour advocacy

Employees will wear t-shirts away from work. Most likely, a stranger or friend will inquire, which creates an opportunity for implicit marketing.  The potential for business is everywhere at all times.

For example, a potential client could be waiting for an employee who is wearing a company shirt at a local coffee shop. The sluggish nature of the line could inspire a conversation that eventually converts to a company sale.

Some companies appear lucky in getting great deals or maintaining clients; yet, most deals are made due to good interaction. A t-shirt suddenly becomes a signal of off-hour advocacy and a beacon of potential sales.

Grateful swag

In addition to employees, consider giving t-shirts to repeat customers, new clients, or industry cohorts. It shows gratitude, which can go a long way especially within a vertical with a lot of competition. At times, it’s not price but a show of class that makes a potential customer or client choose one business over another.

This post was written by Maisie Hill. Maisie is a freelance graphic designer who works primarily on logo designs, these getting printed onto business cards, t-shirts and more. She writes about business topics, mommy matters, art/design and anything else her brain needs to get out!

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