Going to parties when you don’t know anyone can be a challenge. Parties are supposed to be fun, not scary. Your party days should not end just because you feel uncomfortable being at events full of total strangers.

Shmeet wants to change how people meet at parties and bars. The app automatically notifies you where groups of friends are going and when they arrive at bars and parties.

Each bar/party turns into its own “Snap” style story so you can watch what’s happening at a place without even being there.

Once you start using Shmeet, you will get notified when friends go out, watch live as each place becomes its own Shmeet story, and see the list of who’s there.

Shmeet is changing College social life on the East Coast of the United States. Rebecca Sheller, a student at the University of Georgia, says that the app “Kind of just took off out of nowhere…I heard a few of my friends had it, then I felt like the whole school had downloaded the app.” Sheller continued to say, “The app is super useful, it’s like Snapchat for bars and parties, and you have the ability to see where people are partying on and off campus.”

When students arrive at bars and parties, the camera unlocks, giving them the ability to upload “Snapchat like photos and videos”. This creates a live story of the night’s craziest moments on each campus.

Users can opt to check-in automatically or manually to a location. If the auto check-in is selected, the app monitors location regions, user location and performs the check in even when the app is not running.

The algorithm was developed in a way that the battery impact is minimal but doesn’t compromise the functionality of the app compared to full time location monitoring.

Want to become a campus ambassador at school and join the Shmeet team? Check out Shmeet’s website for more information here >>> www.shmeetapp.com.

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