Starting a shipping business is no mean feat. however, it can be extremely lucrative. There are certain things you need to bear in mind when creating a shipping business that can either make or break your company. Of course you need to do the usual business start up procedures like raise support and funding.

But this article isn’t concerned about those. Instead it focuses and zones in on what aspects of shipping you need to think about to ensure you business is a success. You may have already thought about many of these, however there could be others you have missed. Look into them and ensure there is nothing amiss that could contribute to the early downfall of your business.

The legal/insurance stuff

As you will be sending your ship and crew all around the world there are certain things you need to bare in mind and be worried about. First, you need a good law firm ready to stand in your corner should any legal issues arise. You can get a shipping lawyer from IRB Law.

They can ensure legal issues are overcome, and they do occur. You may need to sue someone for damage or assert your rights in a port. THere is also the issue of insurance. Your insurance will be huge and need to cover the cargo you’re transporting. Ships have accidents just like cars.

Remember, you may need other kinds of insurance such as kidnap insurance because if you are floating on dangerous seas you could be overtaken by modern pirates and held to ransom. It is a nasty thing to consider, but it happens all the time.

Know what you are

Are you a specialist container shipper? Someone who transports the traditional shipping containers across the globe or did you want to go into something with a better niche. Whatever you choose to do, try to zone in on something in particular. Don’t accept everything or it will become confusing pretty fast. Focus on a niche area that the ship you have acquired suits and you’ll be able to do much better bussiness.

Choose where you want to travel

You don’t have to travel everywhere because there are shipping lanes all over the world. If you didn’t like the cold you could instead focus on shipping in the mediterranean or down to East Asia. Only accept what you feel comfortable with. Doing this also enables you to avoid areas you don’t feel safe in, such as areas close to the Somali coast where frequent attacks take place.

Get the right equipment

You don’t need just the ship. You need a whole host of other things too. Navigational equipment is one of the main things you don’t want to skimp on. As is components for your engine room. Ensure your engineers have enough tools for the job for repairs and replacements when you are on the high seas.

You also need to pack the ship with lifeboats. They can save you in a sticky situations. You’ll need first aid kits too in all of the high risk areas like the engine room and kitchen. There are so many things you need to think about on a ship, get a pen and paper and really put your mind to it. Better with than without.