Many companies reply on the transport industry for their business events, trade shows and meetings in different cities. When your company’s reputation is on the line, anything less than spot on transport service isn’t good enough.

Coach and bus transportation is crucial for people who attend events, meetings, conferences, festivals, concerts and exhibitions.

Transport Network Australia has access to one of the largest bus charter fleets in Australia with over 5,000 vehicles, providing a seamless ground transportation service for companies throughout Australia.

As an approved member of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program, the company provides coach hire for some of the largest corporations in the world.

Transport Network Australia has assisted tens of thousands of clients and moved millions of people including politicians and elite sporting celebrities since their inception in 2007 in a safe and reliable manner.

Whether you’re organising your company’s retreat, taking clients on a tour or getting staff to work don’t settle for anything other than the best for bus and coach hire. Clients at Transport Network Australia have a dedicated account managers to help arrange every detail of a single trip or entire tour.

Whether it’s specific vehicle requirements or detailed route and destination mapping, Transport Network Australia account managers take care of the details to ensure clients have their peace of mind to travel without delay.

For further enquiries about coach and bus charter, or any other transport requirements in Australia, feel free to contact Transport Network Australia here.