Cloud computing is the future, and more companies are realizing the benefits. Using a cloud-based service for your company can help give your employees more flexibility, prevent huge data losses from disasters at your location, save your company physical space, encourage more collaboration, and allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

Instead of housing your data and technology tools on physical computers in your office, you may want to see how the cloud can make your organization more efficient. Here are eight industries that have already started taking advantage of cloud technology by finding more success.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare has evolved for the 21st century and has fully embraced cloud computing. Modern hospitals require a host of data-based technology tools to help diagnose, treat, and support patients.

Hosting information through the use of the cloud has helped hospitals save money and reallocate server and computer space for more patient care and diagnostic technology tools. Even private practices are migrating to more cloud-based services to help give patients access to higher quality care.

2. Education

Education is one industry that has struggled to keep up with the changing technologies that have been rapidly transforming the private sector. Using the cloud is one way this industry can finally embrace new technology without spending too much beyond the budget.

The education industry aims to use the cloud to help host and store online textbooks and materials for students. Additionally, as more standardized tests switch to computer-based models, the cloud offers the industry an excellent way of assessing students more accurately.

3. Financial services

Data security is a big issue for professionals in the financial services industry. With cloud computing, the financial industry gets a strong boost of security for sensitive information. It also makes it easier for businesses and individuals to access important financial data from almost anywhere, like bank account details, payment information, and investment data.

4. Internet technology

The internet technology industry is where cloud computing initially started, so this sector has fully embraced this technology. One big growing industry within IT is data storage for consumers and businesses.

As the need for more data storage increases, cloud solutions will continue to offer this service. Additionally, e-commerce and other web tools that rely on internet marketing are finding it even easier to be more efficient and get greater flexibility with the cloud.

5. Cyber security

A few years ago, most people wouldn’t link the cyber security industry with cloud computing. Now, companies are finding it much more affordable and sensible to use the cloud to fight against cyber attacks.

Smaller or mid-sized companies may have struggled in the past to find a security solution for their data that wasn’t cost prohibitive.

Today, it’s imperative for most companies to invest in some sort of cyber security program. With a cloud service, you can outsource your data protection without stretching your resources.

6. Telecommunications

Another industry that has been completely transformed by the cloud is the telecommunications field. Just as mobile technology has made the consumer telecommunications market completely different, traditional land lines based in the cloud have the potential to take this industry even further.

Cloud telecommunications companies like Broad Connect Telecom aim to make phone communication more reasonably priced and effective for the business market.

7. Retail

The retail industry also has much to gain by migrating to cloud-based services. The retail industry has to step up to the changing attitudes and habits of today’s digital consumer.

Today, more shoppers want to be able to find what they need online and get it fast instead of visiting a physical store. More corporations in this field are using fully cloud-based solutions to help keep stock updated, shipping information accurate, and operations running smoothly.

8. Real estate

Real estate is another place where cloud computing has improved individual companies’ business models. With most real estate companies relying on employees who must often be in the field, visiting and showing houses, cloud messaging apps and flexible solutions make the most sense. This way, agents can get more done without having to constantly check in at a physical office.

Cloud solutions are going to continue to improve and make strides in a variety of industries. Expect to see even more ways that the world will benefit from this innovative technology in the near future.