Lee Hnetinka

Darkstore, a San Francisco based same-day delivery service, has experienced considerable revenue increases during their operation’s first holiday season. The platform was launched last May as a means for brick-and-mortar stores to provide customers with cheap and efficient delivery services.

The holiday season in December saw significant increases in the users of Darkstore’s unique platform – customers capitalized on the ability to have gifts delivered at extremely short notice.

The tech-based delivery platform was started by entrepreneur Lee Hnetinka. Hnetinka previously founded Wun-Wun – a New York based delivery service that delivered small products within an hour of being purchased.

Darkstore was very pleased about the company’s ability to handle excess capacity during times of increased demand this winter. “The increase of deliveries via Darkstore was entirely expected given the amount of individuals who opt to purchase goods for delivery as the holiday season approaches,” founder Lee Hnetinka says, “Fortunately, our platform was able to handle the excess capacity and we ensured that thousands of holiday shoppers received their goods at extremely short notice.”

Darkstore has been expanding over the past months and now has major hubs in Phoenix and New York. The firm partners with local high-volume sellers that may not have previously had access to expedited delivery services for local customers.

The firm has been dealing with a range of partners that have different delivery needs. Partner companies include mattress producer Tuft & Needle, skiing company SkiPods, and cell phone accessory company Peel.

SkiPods and Peel’s demand increase over the holidays helped drive Darkstore’s growth during the holiday period. Darkstore stores products at 3rd party warehouses and uses partner delivery firms to deliver good’s to customer’s doors.

The local nature of the platform ensures Darkstore is able to provide fast and efficient delivery services no matter the time of year.

Darkstore are hoping that the amount of successful deliveries the firm was able to make over the holiday period will instill good will in customers for the future.

“The modern day consumer is using online shopping and expedited delivery services at record levels,” Hnetinka says, “But many of these services still don’t operate with same-day delivery services.

In addition, I believe many consumers have been let down by major shipping services over past holiday periods, and will view Darkstore as a reliable and competitively cheap alternative.”

If you would like more information on Darkstore and the services that they are able to provide, head to www.darkstore.com or follow their founder on Twitter.