For every business that proves its worth and manages to start running, there’s come a moment to make a big decision. Do you stay satisfied and keep running the business as it is?

Or do you want to push it to its potential and see how far the business can go? Growing can be tough, but it’s going to be a lot easier if you know what direction, exactly, you want to grow in. We’re going to look at three of the options ahead of you now.

New products and services

This is one of the most common choices when it comes to choosing the direction of a business. If you’ve grown successful off creating or selling products, then you can look into creating new variations that can expand their target market or branch off into a diversity of different offers. If you want to capitalize on the success of your existing products, then you might look into providing an extensive service for them as well.

Added support, customization, customer service, loyalty schemes and even distributing gift cards can be a few ways to add a little more value to your product for an added price. In the digital age that we’re in, many businesses also choose to expand their services by creating mobile apps that help accompany their business.

Finding new markets

If you want to extend the life cycle of an existing product even further, then you might want to look at making it fit for entirely new markets. One way to grow your product’s potential is by looking overseas.

This is one of the options that requires the most effort but can offer the most growth. Utilizing business advice for exporters, you need to see if you have the target market overseas, the ability to deal with the restrictions on business in other countries and if you can make your product fit the culture of the country you want to target.

Another way to switch markets, cheaper yet not as big an impact, is looking to go from a business 2 consumer provider to a business 2 business provider or vice versa.

Location, location, location

You can benefit from expanding the geographical reach of your business without going overseas if you mostly deal locally. You simply need to find the right location. This works best for retailers or suppliers and requires a deal of market research to ensure that you’re picking the locations with the most demand and fewest competitors.

If your brand has grown some power to be reckoned with, you can take the more hands-off approach of franchising the business out as well. Of course, franchising comes with some risks based on how others are going to run those locations, but it can be worth the upside of streamlining the internal management of the business.

There is no right answer in ‘how to grow your business’ that fits each and every one. It all depends on what kind of business you’re trying to grow. Do your research, find the right path for you and then give it your best effort.