There is a temptation to think bigger is always better, especially in business. The largest companies are the most successful as they have the most money and the biggest customer base. While big is beautiful, it isn’t always the best technique when it comes to marketing.

Sure, a massive strategy has its perks, and firms want to take advantage of them wherever possible. But, the little techniques also have a lot of benefits, some of which that are awesome at attracting customers and increasing sales. To give you an idea of how big things come in small packages, here are a few examples.

Brand stationery

A lanyard or a pen might seem like insignificant, yet it can have a huge effect on your marketing campaign. The thing to remember about stationery is two-fold.

First, they are cheap and easy get hold of in large numbers. With one phone call, the office could be so full of pens, pads and USB sticks that you don’t have the space to think. Secondly, they have plenty of room for a slogan or an advertising message.

Hopefully, this is enough to lodge in the mind of your customers, or anyone that sees or uses the stationery. The genius behind the method is the subtlety. In a world where marketing is so in your face, branded stationary creeps up on customers without their knowledge.

Free giveaways

Just because Honda gives away a free car at the airport doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. In actuality, you can giveaway smaller gifts and still have the same effect. Take stationery as an example again.

The pens and USBs you have cleverly branded that sit in storage don’t have to sit there waiting for something to do – you can give them away for free. Anyone who is thinking along the lines of how to attract customers using branded USB memory sticks or stationery isn’t on the right lines.

They don’t attract them – an employee attracts the customer, and then they give them the gifts as freebies. No one says no to a freebie because it is free, means they will take the USB or the pen home. At home, a quick glance will always remind them about the firm and your message.

Build trust

Trust is a big concept, but it doesn’t take much to gain a customer’s trust. In other aspects of life, where faith matters, it’s a difficult proposition, but it’s quite easy in business. All a company needs is a grand gesture or to go the extra mile and they will have a customer’s trust forever.

When you add value to their lives, most customers are happy and will make a mental note. The next time they come to make a purchase, they will remember the firm and most likely use it again.

Nowadays, thanks to social media, it is possible to build a relationship without a significant gesture. By talking to your audience online, you can get to know them better and show off your personality so that they see more than a brand name.

Use graffiti

One thing to note before you try this method is that it can be illegal. Anyone that sprays paint or displays an image on a private building without the consent of the owner will be in big trouble. That being the case a firm can reach a large number of people if it acquires the approval.

Now, graffiti might seem like it doesn’t belong on the list because it is pretty huge. Yes, the projection of the message might be big, but the intricacies of the method are small. All you need is a paint can and a wall that you can spray.

Or, an overhead projector with an image is sufficient. As long as the image is in the public sphere hundreds if not thousands of people will see the message. For the best results, try doing it in areas that have an affinity for the brand because they are the target audience.

Public speaking

What do you need to speak in public? You need an open space and the guts to get up in front of an audience. It isn’t easy because the average person seems to have a phobia of public speaking.

Still, the results can be massive, especially when a firm provides an informative, fun and charming performance. A good tip is to pick a place where they will always be people regardless of the day or time, like a train station. Then, there will be people that are always watching and listening to the performance.

A marketing strategy doesn’t need to be a huge because a range of small methods is just as effective.