Running a business is becoming a more and more complicated process. New legislation is constantly coming in for businesses to abide by, whilst others are constantly finding loopholes and ways to sue companies never dreamt up before.

Hiring a legal advisor is recommended for anyone working self-employed. However, the digital age has also made keeping on top of legislation a whole lot easier, speeding up legal processes and providing instant information to keep you running above board. Here are a few of the programmes worth tapping into.

Accountancy tools

Failure to pay the right amount of tax, on top of necessary insurance schemes, can get you in a lot of trouble – even if you make a genuine mistake in your book-keeping.  One way to prevent error is to keep your accounting process digitised.

Software can automatically calculate your taxes and expenses, as well as helping organise all your funds in one place. There are all kinds of programmes such as QuickBooks suitable for start-ups and small businesses. Many of these double up as apps so you can do your accountancy on the go – useful if you’re often out of the office.

Contract management

A solid contract ensures that you don’t exploit others and others don’t exploit you. Digitising your contract can help protect it against being stolen or damaged. You can go the extra mile and download special contract management software to then make it even more secure.

There are all kinds of programmes available to download online such as Exari’s professional suite of integrated contract management software. Shop around and find the one best suited to your business.

Data protection

Allowing people’s personal data to leak can land you a hefty lawsuit. This is why companies are now taking extra care to safeguard their clients’ and employees’ data by adopting a strong security software that can fend off hackers.

Small businesses are often more at risk to cybercriminals than bigger business, largely because these cybercriminals know that smaller businesses are less likely to be secure.

On top of antivirus software, consider email phishing services and data recovery software (this form of security backs up all your files on the cloud and allows you to switch to running off these files instantly in the event of a major system hack). Keep any security software up to date so that it’s always running at its full effectiveness.

Legal bible apps

Need to quickly read up on specific laws but don’t have the time to see a lawyer or visit a library? Apps like Fastcase can provide a fast-access legal bible in the palm of your hand. For those wanting laws explained in layman’s terms fast, apps such as Ask

A Lawyer may be more convenient, allowing you to match up with a lawyer who can help answer your query through a small chatbox. Such apps are free and whilst they may not be ideal for explaining more complicated matters, they can help you fill you in on the basics last minute before a meeting.