While you would be forgiven for thinking that business confidence in the UK would have suffered in the wake of last summer’s Brexit vote, it is has actually show resilience in the face of economic uncertainty.

This robust performance gained further momentum recently, with the UK economy showcasing noticeable improvements in the prevailing levels of business and manufacturing confidence.

The result of this is that start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs are not being deterred from taking their first steps in the business world, as they look to embrace the costs of launching a new venture and strive to realise their ambitions in a challenging climate.

While such tenacity is to be admired, however, new businesses must tread carefully at present, as they look to minimise more significant costs and invest their capital wisely.

How to locate a commercial property that meets your needs

With this in mind, locating a new commercial property is a huge step for any business to take. From looking for the perfect location, to the cost and considering what implications relocating will have on your business, there are many different things to think about before making a decision on taking a new commercial property. To help make the process a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the top things to look out for: –

Transport links

It’s vital that a new commercial property has great transport links to make it a viable investment for the future of your business. Without decent bus, rail or road networks surrounding it a business is going to be very difficult to access for potential employees, customers and clients. Whatever type of industry it is that you work in, being easily accessible should be a top priority for your business.


Thinking about whether or not your business is going to need to expand in the next few years is something you have to consider when locating a new property. If you have huge plans to expand internationally in the coming years, it’s highly likely that you’ll need a business space that you can grow into, rather than one that’s perfect for your business right now.

If you’re a medium sized business who is looking to cut costs, perhaps relocating to a smaller, cheaper commercial property would be a good decision for your business right now. It’s important to consider the effect that moving to a different sized space will have on the performance of your business.


Perhaps the biggest consideration for your business is the cost of acquiring a new commercial property is the cost. Depending on how desirable the area is that you’re planning on purchasing in will impact on this.

Speaking to someone like Allsop, can be really helpful as they’ll advise you on the best places to find a property for your business and discuss the price implications of different areas with the advantages and disadvantages of each in mind.

With all these different aspects to consider, it’s really important to think carefully about the future of your business before investing in a commercial property. A great investment will be in a desirable area, with great transport links, room to expand and all for the right price. Deciding on which areas you might have to compromise on, if any, should be the next step for your business.

So there you have it; our brief guide to seeking out viable commercial property and making an investment that delivers a desirable return over time. While you will need to tailor your expectations according to your precise circumstances, this should give you an overview of the primary considerations.

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