As a business owner, offering employee perks is certainly one of the best ways to build a good relationship with your workers. Being able to have some fun and enjoyment in the workplace is one of the best ways to improve the atmosphere and morale.

Treating your employees to some extra privileges is an awesome way to boost employee satisfaction and loyalty, reducing your employee turnover and saving money when it comes to HR processes such as hiring and firing. We’ve put together some of the best employee perk ideas that you might like to consider for your company.

1. Free Food

Offering free meals and caffeine is actually a highly effective — and cost-effective — means of motivating your staff. Offering free food is also a sure way to impress your employees. Whether you provide them with a free healthy snack bar or free fruit in the office to encourage workers to reap the benefits of eating healthily, or you prefer to treat them with cakes and donuts in the office from time to time, it’s hard to say no to free food and providing it for your employees is a great way to be a top boss.

2. Days out

Taking your employees on days out and outings is not only a great way to improve employee satisfaction by understanding that everybody needs to do something fun every once in a while, casual outings at the weekend are also a great way to encourage positive relationships in the workplace, which in turn will improve workforce morale upon your return. For example, a visit to a theme park or a local tourist attraction can be a fun employee perk that many are sure to enjoy.

3. Free training and qualifications

Not all employee perks need to be fun or money related – one of the main things that employees want when they get a new job is to be able to learn and improve themselves on the job. Offering free training courses such as an online civil engineering degree to your employees is one of the best ways to improve the levels of satisfaction and loyalty in your workplace. When an employee graduates from a program such as a masters degree in civil engineering, this will not only benefit their own personal development, but also your company.

4. Contests and competitions

If you are searching for a cheap employee perk idea that’s sure to get your team motivated and ready to perform at their best, why not offer contests and competitions between different teams or members of your workforce? For example, offering a free day off or a small wage bonus to anybody who hits a certain number of sales or leads within a certain time period can be a great way to improve motivation by giving your employees something extra to work towards. Contest prize ideas could be anything from free cakes to a holiday abroad for the lucky winner!

Keeping your employees happy should be a top priority as a business owner, since they are so vital to your company. Offering employee perks is one of the top ways to promote satisfaction at work.