If you have recently set up a new law firm, then you probably have quite a lot on your plate. It takes a lot to get a business of that sort going, and there are always going to be specific hurdles for a law firm in particular to get over.

Something that is likely to prove important from the very beginning is the process of building a decent client list. You will need to have a good source of clients to be able to dip into, as this is how you will ensure that you can continue on for a long time with your law firm business.

In this article, we are going to go through some of the essential components of building a strong client list. Bear the following in mind and you will find that your business enjoys great success much sooner.


This first and vital step is one of the most important parts of the entire process. Networking is simply the act of getting your name out there, getting your goals out there, and seeing what comes back.

The secret to successful networking is mostly to make sure that you are interacting with as many people as possible, and that you are open and honest in your desires.

As long as you are encouraging people to contact your firm, you will find that over time this makes a considerable difference to how many clients you are bringing in.

Networking is a relatively straightforward, yet powerful, way of improving your business’ chances of success, so make sure you do it from as soon as possible.

Strong marketing

Just like any other business, your law firm needs to focus strongly on its marketing if it is to see the kind of success you want for it. Ideally, you will seek out external help with your marketing, as this is often the best way to ensure that it is done as professionally as possible.

Fortunately, there are companies who do marketing for any professional law firm which might need it, and it is well worth looking to those people first and foremost. With a little luck, this strong focus on marketing will markedly improve your client list in a short space of time.


One of the keys to bringing in more clients is to be as professional as possible at all times. If your potential clients detect even the slightest hint of the opposite, then it is likely that this will not bode well for your firm.

Make sure that all communications are professional – with lawyers in particular, people are keen for them to take their jobs as seriously as possible.

After all, you will often have people’s lives on the line, and it is vital that they can entrust you through and through. This trust begins with your public face, with your ability to be as professional as you can at all times, so make sure you are making an effort to do just that.