You might be wondering whether your employees are working as hard as they should be. You could assume that they are but how can you be sure? Perhaps, they’re not giving you their best work at all. Perhaps they are giving you the absolute bare minimum. If you recognise the signs that your employees are unhappy you can fix the issues and guarantee the strongest level of productivity.

Aches and pains

If your employees have to deal with aches and pains in their job, there is no way they will be delivering the best output. Instead, they will struggle to maintain even the lowest level of productivity.

RSI is one of the main issues that you’ll need to watch out for in the office. It can occur if employees are typing for long periods without taking regular breaks. To fix it, you just need to make sure that they have suitable chairs that provide great back support.

Poor customer reviews

You can bet that if you’re getting poor customer reviews it will be due to the service of your employees. You have two options here. You can clean house or you can find out why they’re not giving their best. Remember, to get loyalty in your company, you need to earn it.

Absences in the office

If you are dealing with high absenty levels, you can bet your employees are not happy in your business. Many will be taking advantage of every excuse possible not to come into work and you don’t want that.

Instead, you may wish to talk to your employees. Find out what’s going wrong and why they don’t want to be at work. You can discover more about the issue of employees absences in this infographic.

By how to deal with employee absence – BrightHR