Today’s medium and large-sized companies have significantly different requirements than in the past, and it is essential for large and growing businesses to have the tools and resources they need to remain cohesive.

To achieve a friendly and collaborative work environment, your corporate intranet must be intuitive, flexible, user-friendly, quick, and meet the needs of your staff. LS Intranet’s solution pulls the entire organization’s communication and collaboration activities into one place.

We live in a digital world, and your organization can be ahead of the curve when it comes to streamlining processes and encouraging teamwork.

The right corporate portal for your business will alleviate many frustrations and challenges, such as:

  • Workflow optimization (complete repetitive tasks more efficiently and increase overall productivity)
  • Communication hurdles (real-time communication, information sharing, storage, and file exchange)
  • Corporate messaging (issuing company statements, increasing awareness among employees, and choosing strategic directions)
  • Management involvement (get the managers more involved and aware of the bigger picture and have a better understanding of their team’s requirements)
  • Employee feedback (easily discover what your employees need and want to be successful in their roles)

While there are countless digital workplace solutions on the market, LS Intranet promises comprehensive features and benefits. With the turn-key and cloud-based customized solutions, you get the whole package.

You don’t need to waste time trying to create something from scratch in your own IT department, and you don’t need to employ an entire team of people.

The LS Intranet team has created a modern digital workplace solution, which meets and exceeds all global best practices. It is the ideal intranet solution for middle and large-sized companies.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • It’s a modern and powerful digital workplace solution with Office 365 integration
  • Whether you opt for cloud-based or on-premises,  it is deployed in ONE hour
  • There are more than 50 intranet tools and features to help improve two-way communication and team collaboration
  • The unique workflow tool makes it possible to set up new employees’ services in less than half an hour
  • The responsive design is 100% customizable and looks perfect on any device

LS Intranet can help your business to improve two-way communication, and increase collaboration and employee engagement. According to Gallup’s ‘State of the American Workplace’ research, businesses who achieve these outcomes will experience:

  • 21% increase in productivity
  • 22% higher profits
  • 65% decline in employee turnover
  • 10% lift in customer satisfaction
  • 37% less absenteeism

How would you feel if you were able to achieve those results for your organization? With LS Intranet, it is within reach. At this point, you may have already decided that a corporate intranet solution is exactly what your business needs to improve the bottom line. But why choose them? Why are they better than the competition?

10 reasons why LS Intranet brings more to the table than their competition:

  1. 24/7 support, with a 15-minute response policy
  2. Changing page layouts and widgets is easy with the drag, resize and drop ability
  3. Your team can get things done in seconds with the unique Task Management Tool
  4. They’ve built native iPhone and Android apps
  5. Your Intranet analytics integrate with Power BI or Google Analytics
  6. They’re proactive, rather than reactive — they’re already meeting the top 10 Intranet trends
  7. They offer multi-language support
  8. Get two-way Yammer integration from the box
  9. Online pricing plans start at the low price of $499 per month
  10. You’ll be up and running within one week — The company  offers 1-hour deployment, and  just 3 days for end-to-end process, including information architecture, branding, and knowledge transfer

With over 100,000 users around the globe, LS Intranet is one of the world class corporate intranet solutions that empowers companies to become more efficient and more engaged with one another. Contact them today for a demo!


  1. Wow, ls intranet seems to be really useful software. Liked the ability to change page layouts and widgets with the drag, resize and drop because it’s hard to code any button for inner portal by yourself definitely.
    As well as the price policy is nice. Common Yammer and Google Analytics integration costs much more then $499 per month. And here you can get them, plus a huge list of features. Great stuff

  2. Great stuff. We use sharepoint for our custom intranet portal too, but it’s too simple. So we’re looking for such solution which will be able to meet all the requirements. We made demo request and saw the demo actually. It’s pretty interesting and multifunctional and Office 365 integrated, what we care especially. Guys are good in explaining all the stuff and they try to do more than expect. Thank you for web meeting and demonstration. It was cool.

  3. Intranet is truly helpful as effective digital workplace, but mostly employees don’t like to use it, because of boring design and only control features. Here I see you have Yammer and some “idea generator”, which are good to engage people. I think it can work. Nice

  4. We have bought ClearBox Consulting report recently – very interesting intranet solution guide actually. I think they have collected all the possible SharePoint intranets there, which are worth of attention. So, these guys are between leaders. It’s not possible to say which place LS Intranet has taken, but they have got a pretty high estimation in functionality and price nominations.

  5. Well, this intranet seems to be really affordable one.
    As I’ve leart lots of other intranet solutions and their price is unreasonable.
    While ls has got even Google Analytics, which itself costs a huge amount per month.

    And there is also really commonly used Yammer. Well done, guys!

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