Renting an apartment is a pain for both landlords and tenants. Finding a property to rent in any major city can be pretty hard. There is always a rise in demand for accommodation in popular and major cities around the world. While the long-term rental market has experienced rapid growth and change, landlords have been slow to adapt and update their methods of finding occupants and decreasing vacancies.

If you’re like most apartment hunters, you probably have things you want in an apartment and what you expect from a homeowner. All landlords want a responsible tenant, who will pay rent on time and keep the property in top condition. And the best price for their properties. Everyone wants a good deal.

Rentberry aims to streamline the rental negotiation process for both tenants and landlords by bringing the process online. The auction site allows potential renters to bid on their dream apartments online. The company automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting your personal information, credit reports and custom offers, to e-signing rental agreements and online rental payments.

With more than 100,000 properties listed on the platform and user base growth of ~40% m/m, Rentberry has decreased the number of unpredictable bidding wars and continues to help tenants save on average 5% on monthly rent.

According to Alex Lubinsky, CEO of Rentberry, today’s rental application could use more transparency: “The unique proposition of Rentberry is to cut out all the hassle of a third party, and allow for complete transparency between landlord and tenant. Each party has their own profile in the platform – so when a potential tenant submits application with the price offer for place they love, the landlord immediately gets notified. Landlords then can analyse all applications, together with credit and background reports, of the potential tenants in a very user-friendly format.”

“What we developed is the open-market solution to the long-term rental space,” says Lubinsky.

In their pitch to landlords, Rentberry says: “We strive to maximise your rental price by allowing tenants to submit custom offers and compete in the bidding process.”

How it works

Homeowners and property managers can list their properties on Rentberry, and include unlimited photos, description and list of amenities.

Renters build out their profiles with photos and credit score provided via Experian, and even (optional) links to their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Tenants can submit a custom offer. Other Rentberry users can place higher bids, and everyone will be able to see the current highest offer, as well as how many people are bidding on the property. Tenants may make multiple offers before the auction ends, maximizing their chances of success.

Tenants can also try to outbid each other on the security deposit for the property. And the property owner selects a winning applicant from the pool.

Users can place offers on as many properties as they want for free, but a fee is incurred when the offer is accepted and the tenant moves forward with the rental.

Rentberry is free, except for a $25 fee, which is paid by the tenant, once the rental agreement has been signed.

Try Rentberry and cut the hassles associated with traditional property listing websites. If you are looking for a place to rent, start your journey towards your new home by completing a rental application.