Content is the driving force behind inbound marketing. Writing blog posts, creating infographics, tweeting, pinning and Instagramming are some of the most popular ways brands share relevant content with their audience.

Content is king and creating high quality content is a very important aspect of your content marketing plan.Quality content is more effective and better received when it is ‘positioned’ where viewers can easily find it on their own.

The key to making online marketing strategies work for your business is to locate targeted and relevant audience who are most likely to appreciate your efforts and information. Content distribution is a vital ingredient to the success of your marketing plan.

In fact, some experts recommend that content marketers spend as much time promoting their content as they do creating it.

If you are a marketer trying to reach your target audience online or a publisher looking for new opportunities to monetize your website, Adsy will be of interest to you.

Adsy is a content distribution platform for marketers trying to reach their target audience online or publishers looking for ways to monetize their websites and get income from their content.

It gives an opportunity to distribute content on websites or get content from publishers created basing on certain requirements if you are a marketer.

As you think about how to make your content distribution more effective, here’s what Adsy offers:

1. Content (articles, images, etc.) distribution on relevant websites
2. Content may be provided by a marketer or created by a publisher in compliance with all your requirements as a marketer.
3. Great variety of filters to choose high quality publishers
4. Open inventory and open bidding to choose publishers
5. Anti-fraud control and guarantee of content placement on a selected website
6. Opportunity to communicate with publishers directly to specify any requirements

And Adsy publishers also get:

1. Good rewards for their work
2. Reliable payments
3. Unique and relevant content
4. Control over what kind of content to create and place
5. Transparency and sponsorship disclosure
6. Opportunity to communicate with marketers directly to specify any requirements

The Adsy team are still developing the main functionality of the content distribution platform, but you can register here as a marketer or publisher. Adsy encourages you to provide any feedback, feature requests, etc. to make the app better for you.