Being able to secure a pipeline of leads to convert and work with is an essential part of finding success in the world of contracting. When it comes to building those leads, it doesn’t matter what methods you use, gaining trust and reputation is key. You need to be the business they always turn to and to do that, you have to demonstrate why they should.

Have a memorable service

Naturally, the most important ingredient of a good reputation is providing a service that’s worthy of that reputation, to begin with. In construction, that reputation has to be for quality. Keeping high standards as policy in the team and enforcing them.

Double-checking and triple-checking for design mistakes that can lead to issues down the line. Keeping cost in mind for the sake of the client while never going for the low-quality options. These are the methods you use to ensure results that clients are going to be happy with for a long time to come.

Suit the brand to your niche

Naturally, in building leads, marketing is just as important. There’s a good chance that, as a contractor, your team has a broad set of skills they can use to take on a wide selection of jobs.

However, if you want people to trust that you know what you’re talking about, it’s worth choosing a niche and branding around it. For instance, if you truly do specialize in HVAC, then you want an HVAC website design for your growing business.

Don’t try and go too broad with your marketing. You don’t necessarily have to abandon leads that don’t fit your niche, but lacking a niche means that no-one will really look to you as a specialist. They will instead look for people do fit that niche in their brand.

Work on those referrals

The process of building referrals is important and it should start at the beginning of a job. Don’t ask out of the blue, but ask for permission before work begins and get it in writing.

This puts the idea of referring you in their head before work starts and builds that idea as your work proves worth referring. You can even mention a referral incentive such as a gift certificate or a discount on future services.

Build that network

Current and past clients aren’t the only ones who can help you find jobs, either. If you do any work in subcontracting for bigger teams, then make sure they keep your card and ask them to keep you mind for future jobs.

If you do good work with them, they will be glad to know they have a reliable source to return to. There are plenty of contracting and construction associations worth joining that can keep you up-to-date on big projects coming up the pipeline, too. These associations get the information first, giving you a better chance of chasing up a lead while it’s still hot.

Walk the walk, talk the talk, and have others talk the talk for you. That’s what it takes to build an iron-clad reputation. In an industry where clients and jobs come and go, reputation remains and that’s what matters in lead-building above all else.