When you are asked as a kid what you want to be when you grow up, you can not help but give an honest answer. Whatever it was, it was something that you were crazy about then. Perhaps you wanted to be a footballer, or a chef, or a postman.

You had figured out that the way to live your life was to pursue the things that make you happy. As adults, the realities of life assert themselves and the dreams of childhood are sometimes quietly dismissed as being silly or idealistic.

Your teachers tell you that you will need to find a job someday because you have to support yourself. But they likely never said what sort of job it had to be.

The all too real adult obligations that life presents to everyone are not necessarily incompatible with pursuing something that makes you happy. The idea that if you do something you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life still holds true irrespective of whether Confucius actually said it.

Here a few ideas for industries that are not always considered but are an awful lot of fun.

Who doesn’t like playing games?

Whether it is a board game with your family after Christmas dinner or the latest console game with the best graphics you’ve ever seen, it stands to reason that someone must make them. It also must be the case that someone must get to try them out.

There are a few lucky people out there who actually just play games for a living. Another interesting option, and a potentially lucrative one is game development.

With the popularity of smartphones, app games have become a major part of our culture (some even going so far as to attract the attention of Hollywood).

They are reasonably easy to create and nearly everyone already has a way of accessing them. If it is something that you might be interested in, The App Developers may be able to help.

Another job that seems too good to be true is being a professional taster. Whatever your favourite food is, getting paid to eat it can not be bad at all.

For many people, eating chocolate for a living is their dream job and thanks to Mondelēz International, Inc. they may just be in with a chance of landing it. They may find that they are sick of chocolate after a week but they won’t know unless they take a chance.

The possibilities for new and exciting businesses are endless. You could travel the world and work as a freelance writer and correspondent for travel websites. Some people are actually paid to watch streaming services like Netflix so that they can better describe the nuances that the predictive software doesn’t pick up.

The idea is that shows that you might not have heard of can be tailored to you based on your previous interests. In any case, it sounds like fun.

If you want to start a business, you should carefully consider all sorts of factors such as the economic environment, marketing strategies, and demographics to name just a few. But one of the most important things is that you like what you do. You’ll find it a lot easier to motivate yourself and probably be more successful as well.