If you’re creating a new office space from scratch, you’re in a better position to make it as environmentally friendly as possible than those companies who are bound by the limitations of their traditional office.

You’ve got a chance to create a space in your own design, one that looks to the future and has all the latest earth-friendly practices in place. As well as doing more than your fair share for the health of the planet, you’ll also be able to save money in the long run. There are no downsides to being eco-friendly, basically!

Setting up an eco space

If you’ve got a large space to work with, then you can do so much more than just creating an office. Workspaces should be about much more than just a place to get work down. Employees should want to spend time there.

And we’re sure they would like to do work in an onsite eco garden if they had the opportunity to do so! You can also showing your commitment to reducing your workforce’s carbon footprint by providing a space for employees to store their bike.

Energy efficiency

If you’re smart about the energy you use and where it comes from, you can save money and do your bit for the planet! To begin, get in touch with a commercial solar panel installation company and harness the power of the sun to give your office its energy – you’ll be reducing your expensive energy overheads at the same time too.

Beyond that, you can also encourage energy saving policies in your office, such as  using low energy use LED lights and making sure all lights are off when they’re not being used.

The right technology

If you’re kitting out your new office with new technology, then you’ll be able to buy in the best and most environmentally friendly technology that money can by.

The hardware we need to get our work done is improving all the time and if you’re still using outdated technology then it’s possible that you’re using more energy than necessary. Take a look at the environmentally friendly printers and other machines and you’ll notice a difference in your energy bills!

On-site cafeteria

If you’ve creating a space from scratch, you have the potential to do some really great things – and one of these could be to install your own on-site cafeteria that only sells environmentally sound foods.

Did you know that producing meat foods is a massive drain on natural resources? It’s true! In your cafeteria, you can serve nutritious vegetarian food, made from products that have been produced locally and thus don’t have a massive carbon footprint.

A new dress code

You’ll be really setting your stall out if you encourage your workers, current and new, not to invest in new clothing if they’re only going to be worn at work. Like meat, it takes a lot of resources to manufacture clothing, so if you really want to go the extra mile as a company then make it a policy to only wear used or environmentally neutral clothing.