Everyone knows that a successful trade show can mean big business for their company, but take a walk around a trade show and you’ll most likely be greeted by friendly, enthusiastic teams who are doing their best to get you interest in their less than engaging booth.

Don’t make yours like this: take it outside of the box and bring your creative side when it comes to planning your next trade show event. There are very few limitations when it comes to promoting your business at a trade show!

Have a killer stand

Three boards and a logo behind where you’re standing? It’ll get the information out there, but it won’t instantly draw people to your stand. For your biggest events, it’ll be worth investing in a custom trade booth where you can really let your company’s spirit shine through.

If you’re a young, vibrant, ambitious company, then follow in the footsteps of the companies who are really doing creative things and make your booth one to remember.

Your company, their office

You can make an impression at the trade show, but wouldn’t it be better for everyone to remember your name long after the event has ended? Of course it would, so make sure you’re sending your logo home with them. Partner with a plastic injection molding manufacturer before the trade show and you can create any number of useful items that they’ll use again and again, such as custom cups or funky office decorations (with your name on each, of course). They’ll be seeing your name everyday without fully realising it!

Bring the fun

Yes, a trade show should primarily be about business, but who says you can’t combine business with fun? If you really want your booth to be the one that’s talked about above all others, give people a reason to stick around and make sure they enjoy their time there.

An easy way is to install a photobooth at your booth and invite attendees to get in there and take a few fun photos as a keepsake (preferably while they’re holding one of your products). Also, hosting games and other activities that invite visitors to unleash their playful side will help you cement relationships that you can resume after the event.

Make your information engaging

Of course, it can’t all be games, giveaways, and all out fun. You also have a job to do, and that is to make sure people know who you are and what you do.

So you’ll need to have informational materials that’ll tell them the essential details, but you can still make it fun. Use colourful, art infused promotional materials that definitely aren’t your carbon copy leaflets and they’ll be read, we promise.

The trade show is yours

Finally, you can also be a little bit sneaky at your trade show. All those promotional items that you’ll be giving away? You might want to give one to the hotel workers, taxi drivers, and anyone else you encounter during the event…and slip them $20/more freebies to put them on display. Guerilla marketing at its finest!