Whether it’s a launch party for your brand new startup or a gathering which brings together many different corporations within the same industry, many business events end up turning into a dreary, dull and uninspired affair. When you’re talking about the coming together of great minds in the industry or simply within your company, there’s potential for exciting ideas,

When you’re talking about the coming together of great minds in the industry or simply within your company, there’s potential for exciting ideas, socialising and fun to be had; you’re stifling the potential of businesses if your event doesn’t inspire or excite the people in attendance.

The secret to a unique business event is one which doesn’t feel like an event so much as a gathering or event a party. If you want people to mingle, come together and ‘network’ in a way which simply involves socializing and getting to know someone, then you need to forget the ‘business’ element of the event and focus on the ‘people’ element. Here are some tips to help you uncover the secret to a unique and exciting business event, whatever its intended purpose.

Travel preparations

Whether it’s a private company event or the coming together of businesses from across the world, you need to put in far more planning that you would for any ordinary event. As we mentioned here in the past, you need to ensure there are efficient travel preparations in place for all your employees as the owner of the business. This will likely need to be arranged well before the date of the event, but this could give you the opportunity to add a little twist to the journey.

A bus with refreshments and perhaps even drinks (as long as nobody drinks too much before they enter a professional setting) could not only accommodate all your employees but show them that this event is an opportunity to simply relax. It doesn’t need to be a dull affair. This might encourage more effective networking or, if it’s a private event, simply show that you’re rewarding your employees for their continued hard work.

A unique venue

Choosing a venue depends on the scope of your event, so you must have a clear set of intended goals or objectives for the coming together of people or businesses, as explained over at www.americanexpress.com. If there’s going to be entertainment, the venue needs to accommodate a stage or perhaps even a dancing area. If there are going to be refreshments, you venue needs room for dining tables or perhaps a ‘snack’ area.

There are ways to get creative with the choice of venue so that it isn’t a drab, dull corporate event. For example, you could head on over to www.intentproductions.com for a tent to help create a unique outdoor space for your corporate event. Vibrant surroundings will lead to vibrant conversations, which is a positive whether you’re hoping to bring businesses together in discussion or simply encourage your employees to relax and get along in an informal environment.

Get ideas for the next one

At the end of the day, you don’t need to throw one corporate event and call it a day. You could ask employees how the Christmas party could be improved for the following year or ask businesses how that meetup in the city could have gone more smoothly. As suggested over at www.entrepreneur.com, you should see this event as an opportunity to learn about what works and what doesn’t. You can throw an even more unique business event next time.