Office work isn’t for everyone, with commuting to and from work, sitting at a desk and working nine to five leaving a sour taste in the mouths of some. Whether it’s working outside or sitting in a self-designed office space situated within your house, being self-employed can create happiness no company or business could offer.

However, becoming your own boss does not mean you have to start your own business and hire employees. Instead, you can become a one-person unit and freelance for companies and sell your skills and expertise.

Therefore, here are a few business ideas that are perfect for the opportunists and self-starters who long to leave the office and work on their own time.

Freelance writer

The writing industry is highly competitive and landing your first writing job is incredibly difficult. Therefore, freelancing is not only an alternative to internships, but it is also a great way for you to work, support yourself, and gain experience and credentials. Freelancing can also provide you with the freedom to get the work done in your own time and personal environment.

There are many websites for writers to use, such as People Per Hour where it’s easy for companies to find and hire freelancers, and for writers to receive workload, send their articles over, and get paid for their work. The platform also ranks freelancers so prospective employers can see how good a writer you are.

Personal trainer

To become a personal trainer, experience, training and licensing is vital. However, once you’re qualified, this is a perfect profession for those who enjoy exercise and healthy lifestyles, and who also wish to work around their own routine and schedules. Whether you offer your services at a local gym and pay for the use of a studio when running your classes or build your own space in your home, a personal trainer has the freedom most jobs don’t offer.

Landscape gardener

Some people may hate the thought of working in an office purely because the outside world is much more appealing. Therefore, jobs like landscape gardening are perfect for the creative minds who have green fingers. Landscape gardening entails liaising with clients, understanding their wants/needs, creating plans, costing, constructing, cultivating and planting flowers, trees, shrubs, etc.

If you’re planning on becoming a landscaping gardener, make sure to look into Van Hire Birmingham to carry your tools and transport your plants, etc. Vans are ideal for construction jobs where moving high volumes of product/tools can become tricky.


If you’ve always been fond of photography and consider it more than a hobby, then it’s possible to make a living from selling your photos. First of all, make sure all your equipment is in good working order, and you own the appropriate software for editing and turning the images into sellable pieces of art. Of course, it’s good to remember that you may not find immediate success, but you can sell your photographs at markets, car boot sales, local shops and via the internet.

There are many other jobs for people wishing to leave the office life behind them and a multitude of alternative careers, meaning if your job is making you feel blue, make sure to consider a change in employment.