If you’re thinking about starting up a business this year, you might want to consider running a shop. A shop is a great opportunity because it allows you to make profits as soon as you find a customer base. But let’s take this idea one step further. Rather than simply selling items, let’s say that you create the items you sell.

By doing this, you become more than a shop owner. You can be an entrepreneur, creating and then selling your own product on the market. The benefit of this plan is that you are in complete control of the model.

You decide how the product is made, how much you charge and how many you produce. But we’re jumping ahead because before we get to that stage, we need to think about what you’re going to produce.

There are lots of options here, but the best solution would be to invest in wholesale. Once you buy wholesale products, you can make them more unique with your own designs. For instance, you can purchase wholesale t-shirts that are plain and then add your own prints onto them.

Doing this is rather easy particularly if you purchase stick on prints. Be careful that you don’t use prints that are copyrighted, though. Or, if you do make sure that they allow you to use them in this way. Disney have had heated legal battles with business owners that used their images without permission.

You can find free to use images on Google that can be printed off and added to your products. Of course, wholesale clothing is just one possibility for you to consider. You could also sell your own food products. This is a little trickier as it means you’ll need specialized production and delivery requirements. But what happens after you decide what you’re going to sell?

Perfect packaging

Next, you need to think about how to make your products look and feel professional. No customer wants to buy products from an amateur. To avoid them thinking of your company like this, make sure you are using packaging that looks great.

You need to make sure that you use printed labels for your packages for two reasons. First, this makes them look professionally made and second it means that you won’t risk losing any products. You’d be surprised how much the average business loses every year in profits due to lost items and products.

If you are investing in packages, make sure you are thinking about green choices. Eco-friendly is in right now, and a lot of your customers are going to expect you to make staying green simple for them. It’s crucial that you ensure that all packaging can be easily disposed of. This is going to make you a lot more attractive to certain customers.

Picking a platform

Are your products ready to sell on the market? Picked prices for them? Good, but now we need to think about how you’re going to approach selling them. If you’re smart, you’ll sell your products online, at least to begin with. This will allow you to keep costs low and make things easy for you. If you don’t even want to set up a website, you don’t need one.

Instead, you can choose to sell through an already established platform like eBay. Lots of people make a fantastic living selling any product through eBay. But remember, once you start selling enough to be recognized as a business, they will expect a cut of your profits.

And, don’t forget that eBay is all about making your products attractive. So, aim for great reviews and make sure you’re giving lots of pictures, highlighting your products on the ad.

If you want to be a little bolder, you can set up your own site to sell. To do this, you’ll need to use an e-commerce platform like Shopify. It’s the most popular software for ecommerce business owners and makes things simple for you. You’ll also need some form of an SEO service.

This will ensure that customers can easily find your business online to buy the products you’re offering. If you’re struggling to find customers make sure that you do boost your usage of social media. With more social media action, you can guarantee that customers notice you and your business.

You need to work to reach your target customers, the people who are most likely to buy your product. To do this, you should think about guest posting. By guest posting, you can write on blogs, frequented by people who would buy your product gaining their interest and their attention.

As you can see it’s a simple business model. But it’s also one that could easily work for you and all it takes is a little creativity. Are you up to the challenge?