Email is still a mainstay in the marketing toolbox. Like any other strategy, email marketing is constantly evolving. Marketers know the importance of automated emails and they continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to a changing audience.

Is your email open rate better or worse than your competitors?

Many businesses consistently measure the success of their email marketing campaigns (email open rate) and the number of people who click on links. SendPulse wants to help you increase your newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing automation platform with main focus on automatically maximizing email Open Rates and overall audience reach. It’s an integrated platform that offers bulk email, bulk SMS messages and web push notifications.

You can use those 3 channels of communication together, combine them within your communication campaign. This means that you can contact your subscribers through email, those who did not respond to email can be (in most cases automatically) reached by web push or SMS. This lets you maximize your audience reach and engagement.

Automatic segmentation and personalisation

SendPulse creates narrow segments automatically and send your newsletter in the most appropriate time and channel. It doubles your open rate and user engagement.

It unlocks new value by teaching the AI how to answer customer service questions across text-based communication channels like email, social media, and mobile messaging platforms.

Through one single platform, you can send out emails, SMS, and web push notifications. You can create hybrid series of communications targeted to your customers, which will cover all delivery channels, and increase your CTR conversions.

The scheduler, subscription form, and integration with third-party systems will greatly ease working with your customer base and increase the overall effectiveness of your email marketing.

Easy integration

Send mailings from your CRM and CMS systems, integrate with online shopping cart scripts and various online services, send newsletters directly from your projects, track campaigns, and view statistics. Popular intergrations include WooCommerce, WordPress, Zapier, TypeForm, Bitrix24 and CreateForm.

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