All the best things come in pairs: pancakes and syrup, coffee and cream, and Ben & Jerry. Not everyone starts off with the perfect business partner. In fact, there are a few entrepreneurs who come up with an amazing idea and all the funding they need, but they don’t have one anyone standing by their side. That’s why lots of people set out to find a business partner.If you need

If you need an extra pair of hands to help you lead your company to success, these are some of the best qualities you need to look for in a new business partner.


You and your business partner need to be there for each other, through thick and thin. If you don’t have each other’s back, then your business probably won’t be able to stand up to some of the bigger problems you may face.

So it’s very important that you find someone who believes in your talents, views, and dreams. That way, you will be able to expertly work together and will ensure that your business never fails!

Complementary skill set

Ideally, it’s crucial to find someone who has a complementary skill set to yours. For instance, if you are a whizz with finance and economics, there isn’t much point bringing someone else on board who is also an expert in this area.

You’ll find it much more beneficial to find a partner who has skills in other areas, such as web design or digital communications. That way, you will have a very wide range of skills and knowledge between you, so won’t have to waste money on too much outsourcing.

Plenty of contacts

You will no doubt have a phone book packed full of useful business contacts. It’s important that your new business partner also has lots of contacts that you don’t already have. They could have links to a fantastic digital marketing agency that you might not already know about, for instance. By bringing all of your contacts together, you will be creating a brilliant network that your company can always dip into whenever you need to find new clients or contractors.


No matter who your new business partner is, they need to be 100% committed to your business and your goals for the future. It’s perfectly fine for your partner to have other commitments alongside the company, but they need to put all their effort into their work when they do jump back into your business.

Be sure to set some expectations right from the outset so that you both know what to expect from one another. Make your responsiblities clear right from the beginning to create a successful business.

Lots of passion

If your partner doesn’t have enough passion for your company, you will find it difficult to maintain a good working relationship. You both need to share a strong enthusiasm for everything you do, no matter what else is going on in your lives.

Finding a business partner isn’t always easy, but when you do find the perfect person, you will certainly notice all the benefits straight away.