Communication is a big deal for any business or organization. If you want to make sure your employees remain motivated, and on board with helping the business to flourish and grow, you need to ensure they feel well informed and included. One way in which you can communicate with your workforce is by holding an away day or conference.

If you are holding this type of event, you may want to bring in an outside speaker to help make the day more memorable and get your message across. But should you be looking for keynote speakers or motivational speakers? What is the difference, and which type of speaker is best suited to your requirements?

What is the difference between speakers?

A keynote speaker is someone who uses their own experiences to help them deliver a speech that is focused on the work and aims of your business or organization. This speech is often the most important at a conference. The aim is to tell the audience all about your ethos and what your brand is all about.

A motivational speaker is, as the name suggests, there to motivate the audience. They are there to engage people and make them feel more energized about their life and work.

Motivational speakers typically help businesses, leaders and individuals become more efficient and excited about what they’re already doing.

A motivational speech is often more emotional and is intended to grab the heart and brain of the people who are listening. Many motivational speakers use games and group exercises as part of their speech.

Which type of speaker do you need to hire?

We cannot tell you whether to hire a keynote speaker or a motivational speaker; you know what type of event you are holding better than we do. If your main aim is to tell people about your brand and how your business works then you may find a keynote speaker is more useful. They can help your employees feel more as though they are part of the organization.

If the aim of holding the conference, or away day, is to help staff with their motivation levels then you should look for a motivational speaker to attend. They will not concentrate on the business itself, but on how people can feel more motivated about what they are doing. Motivational speakers tend to get inside people’s heads, so your workforce should benefit from listening to a motivational speaker in the long term.

Of course, there may be times when you want to use the services of both a motivational speaker and a keynote speaker, in order to get the most value from an event.

If you are holding an event for your employees it’s a good idea to hire an external speaker to attend. After all, these are people who speak for a living, so they know what they are doing. It’s worth investing in a professional speaker as the rewards can be great. Hopefully, we have given you some useful information, to help you decide what type of speaker you need to engage.