Productivity is critical to your success at work. In today’s business landscape, speed and flexibility are key to winning. Businesses expect their employees to perform smarter, faster and more productively.

How people work keeps changing. Business owners and productive employees are embracing new and better technologies to increase business efficiency. With an ever-changing business environment, it has become extremely important to use the right business tools to streamline your business processes.

Reinventing Productivity at Work

In our upcoming Twitter chat, sponsored by Microsoft, we will discuss how businesses can reinvent productivity at work. Business experts, small business owners, technology professionals and productive employees will reveal their best ways to stay productive. They will also share ideas on how to work faster, better, and smarter.

Join us and learn how to take control of your time and do more in less time at work.

We will discuss the following questions, among others:

What productivity tools have you embraced that are making your work easier and faster?

Whatever your business, there tools out there with the sole purpose of helping you get more done, more efficiently. Chat participants will share their favorite business apps and how the tools help them accomplish more in less time.

How do you stay productive and manage your time? 

Every work environment has its own unique distractions. During the chat, business experts will share insights on the best ways to manage your time and reach your targets.

What are your biggest obstacles to productivity? 

Many people want to maximize productivity at work but you face difficulty finding focus and fighting off distractions. Business experts and chat participants will discuss how best to do more focused and deep work to achieve your business goals.

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Topic: “Reinventing Productivity at Work”


Rieva Lesonsky, CEO at GrowBiz Media & SmallBizDaily (@Rieva)

Thomas Oppong, Founder at AllTopStartups (@Alltopstartups)

Where: Twitter

When: Thursday, May 11 at 2PM ET / 11AM PT / 7PM BST

Hashtag: #MSBizTips