Your office is the heart of your business- and when it’s the place where you and your workers will spend a huge portion of your lives, it’s something you need to get right. A nice office will make a good impression, and making the most of the space can help to boost productivity in your employees too. Here are some things to consider when looking for office premises.

Location, location, location!

A central location is of course ideal, but at the very least you need somewhere with good transport links. How easy is it to get to by road, bus or train? You want to be convenient to get to for your employees, and also for clients for meetings and presentations that are held at your office. Something outside of the city or town center may be a little cheaper and could be an option if you don’t need to be in the heart of the action.


The building you pick is important, as it will be the first thing clients see when they come to your office. You need to make a good impression, as leaving customers or clients overwhelmed could lead to them simply going to a competitor.

Using a serviced office makes sense for many companies, this is an office building which comes fully equipped. It’s managed by a facility management company who rent out the individual offices or floors to other companies. You can find serviced offices locally to you online if this is the route you want to take.

This option is useful since Everything is all set up and ready to go, with things like security measures and disabled access already in place. Create a checklist of the things you want in an office and keep this in mind when you are searching. Large windows, elevator access to the floor you’re on and your own kitchen facilities, for example, are all worth considering.


Even if you’re leasing an office, in most cases you’re allowed to make changes to reflect your company. Aim to create a calming and serene environment which makes the most of the space you have. Light neutrals look aesthetically pleasing and inoffensive, adding some living plants will liven it up and stop it from looking too clinical. Plants have also been shown to boost both mood and productivity in the workplace too, so ideal for promoting happier workers.


Even if your business is on the smaller side now, will it grow in future? While you can always move to another office if you need to, this can be inconvenient and costly. Choosing an office that gives you room to grow slightly is a good idea, especially if this is what you have projected over the next year or two. It saves you from uprooting yourself and gives you the opportunity to expand if you need to.

What will you be looking for/ did you look for when hiring or buying office premises?