The wave of online business startups over the last decade has ushered in a business strategy that, on paper, looks good but doesn’t always pan out to the envisioned success. As more online entrepreneurs saturate the World Wide Web, it becomes much harder to open and maintain a thriving e-commerce entity. One way to work around this is to avoid starting an online business. Rather, acquire an existing entity that already has an established client base and profit history.

Acquiring versus starting up

Those who start their online venture from scratch have their work cut out for them. They must claw their way to the head of the search engine pack to get customers, and SEO is not as easy as it sounds. It takes tremendous effort, time, and even money to get to Google’s first page, which is why many consider acquiring a website with existing clientele the better route to go.

Important acquisition statistics

Educating before acquiring is necessary. Entrepreneurs should check out this infographic from, to review important statistics that will help them search for the best acquisition prospect. For example, ranked Miami as the second best entrepreneurial city in the U.S., and Forbes ranked Seattle sixth as a fantastic city for young entrepreneurs.

To acquire a successful e-business, people must go where the technically savvy are, and those in Boulder start-up high-tech businesses six times more than anywhere else in the U.S. There is little doubt that many of these residents graduated from the top universities in the nation that encourage technical entrepreneurship. These universities are MIT (of course), University of Michigan, UCSD, and Stanford.

Whether in college, just graduating, or already a professional, experts agree that one of the hottest e-commerce entrepreneurial trends is acquiring an existing business rather than starting one up. If a person is amongst those paving the way in technical business acquisitions, success is sure to follow.

The infographic below examines entrepreneurial activity through acquisitions of online businesses.