For any startup, small business or brand – maintaining a presence on social media is crucial. Not only will you want to use it to connect with existing customers, but you will also want to reach out to new ones and build up brand awareness in the process.

Knowing what to publish, when and where can greatly increase the visibility and reach of your content on social media.

Unfortunately many brands have a fairly haphazard social media content strategy that is largely a spin-off of their normal content strategy. That is far from ideal, and in order to maximize the effectiveness of your social media content, implement these ideas.

1. Bite-sized content is ideal

As a rule the attention-spans of social media users tend to be short, and most skim through content at a breakneck pace. That is why bite-sized content that can be consumed quickly often does best – whether it is a short video (i.e. under a minute), a simple captioned image, or a quote that can be easily distributed on Twitter or other social platform.

2. Personality is important

Because of the nature of social media, people like to feel as if they’re interacting with a person and not a faceless brand name. That is why personality counts for a lot, as it can help make it easier to connect with your audience. Make your message personal. Humanise your content. Don’t just write for search engines. Share content to offer real value to customers.

3. Communication is a two-way street

Many brands often publish content on social media, and sit back and expect to reap the rewards. While it may work, it will be far more effective if you also take steps to communicate with people who are posting comments or remarks and respond to them. To manage your reputation well, track social mentions of your brand and respond to concerns or issues raised on various social platforms.

4. Sharing is an emotional decision

Part of the draw of social media is how easily content can be shared, allowing you to spread your brand message far and wide. Always remember that sharing tends to be an emotional decision however, which is why your content should try to evoke a particular emotion – whether it is to be inspiring, humorous, uplifting, or touching.

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