Most businesses do not have consistent operating capital coming in year-round. When your business sees a “dry season” and you aren’t sure how you are going to make ends meet, it might be a good time to consider a short term loan.

Short term loans are ideal for businesses in need of a quick injection of cash in the shortest possible time. If your business is in need of a cash influx to stay in business, you may want to consider the possibility of securing a short-term loan to help you meet your goals.

Use a loan as bridge funding

A short-term loan can bridge the gap between your busy seasons when fewer customers come through the door. Ideally, you will sock away some reserves during your busy season that will tide you over during the quiet months. However, this isn’t always possible.

Sometimes life hands you other challenges that you need to spend money on, and before you know it, your reserve is gone. You know another busy season is just a few months away, but how are you going to keep your business open in the meantime?

Do your research and see if a short-term loan is right for you. Learn about the application process. An unsecured loan does not demand a share in your business like an equity investment, and in most cases, it does not require collateral like your car.

Finance an opportunity

Did you get invited to a destination wedding in Thailand? That is awesome. So is the ticket price. But before you disappoint the bride and groom with an RSVP in the negative, consider a short-term personal loan. Winter time might be the perfect season for you to take that vacation when your business quiets down for a few weeks.

When business picks up again in the fall, you can make an ambitious plan to pay off that loan. Other than taking a vacation, you might also use your quiet business season to do renovations to your shop or install new equipment. All of this costs money, of course, so if your cash reserves don’t quite cover it, take a closer look at the short-term, unsecured loan opportunity.

Allow your business to grow

Sometimes it becomes obvious that the perfect time has arrived for your business to grow. Maybe you are seeing more customer demand than usual, and it is becoming consistent. If you are having trouble keeping up with demand, but you don’t want to miss the extra business opportunity, it may be time to increase in size or add another employee or two.

An unsecured short-term loan can help get your business expansion underway while tiding you over until the increased revenues start coming in. Soon you will see a return on your investment and your loan will be easily paid off.

Whether it’s life giving you lemons or an obvious sign that your business needs a boost, a short-term loan can be just what you need to keep your business afloat until your operating capital is back on track again. Once your high season returns and your cash flow is more secure, you can make aggressive plans to pay that loan off quickly, boosting your credit rating at the same time.