How can some entrepreneurs defy all the odds, whilst others are more inclined to fall at the first hurdle? You hear stories of business owners who made their first million at a very early stage, whilst others have been stuck bringing in a mediocre amount of profit for a long time. What’s the difference?

The key to success as an entrepreneur often lies in self-motivation. The ability to motivate not only others in their company, but themselves, is a powerful tool for an entrepreneur who aspires to succeed. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help you motivate yourself as an entrepreneur and enjoy further business success as a result.

Tip #1. Know what you want to do

The most highly-successful, motivated entrepreneurs have one thing in common: a clear vision and goal for themselves and for their business. Take, for example, entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal who wrote a book about his experiences – at just age 16, he already knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and had earned a considerable amount of money pursuing his business idea. He now runs the Chahal Foundation which aims to end child labor, empower women, and mentor young entrepreneurs.  Chalah knew what he wanted and went out and got it.

On the other hand, business owners who ‘aren’t sure’ where their business is going or what their end goals are, will have a much harder time achieving this kind of success.

Tip #2. Develop and set goals

Setting goals is a powerful psychological tool when it comes to motivating yourself and moving forward, not only in business, but also in your personal life. As an entrepreneur, having sight of a clear goal gives you something concrete to work towards and a framework on which to base all business decisions.

According to psychology experts, setting a goal changes the way we think about our target; in our mind, we become just as invested in the goal as we would if we had already achieved it. Whether you think big, small, or both, goal-setting is vital for improving your self-motivation in business and will help to motivate those who work for you.

Tip #3. Set high standards for yourself

Self-motivated people are fully aware of the amount and type of work that they need to put in to meet their goals and get things done. The most successful, motivated entrepreneurs have the courage to be honest with themselves and set themselves rules and guidelines for both their work and personal life; they know that doing these things will work in their favor when it comes to meeting their goals and achieving their dreams.

When it comes to the standards that you set, don’t confine them to the office. Making changes to things such as your diet, lifestyle habits, and even your friendships outside of work can all influence how well you motivate yourself to meet your business goals.

Tip #4. Have a strict daily routine

Successful, motivated people don’t waste their time worrying or wondering about what’s going to be done today. From the moment they wake up in the morning, they know what is going to be expected of them, and they’re prepared for the unexpected.

Since self-motivation in business is based on knowing exactly what you want to do with your life, business and future goals, it’s just as important to be aware of what you need to do on a daily basis to achieve this. In addition to having a regular daily routine set out, you should also take the time to outline any obstacles that you expect to face each day or week.

When it comes to being successful in business, self-motivation is key. How do you motivate yourself to work hard and achieve your entrepreneurial goals? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.