Entrepreneurs are chock-full of great ideas and plans to implement them, but like everything in life, money is required to start a business. In the past, you might have had to show your business plans to many investors before you even caught a break. However, in this technological age, we are in, support for startup businesses has never been stronger.

For new entrepreneurs, it might be hard to sort through your funding options to find the best ones. Although it would be ideal to put a group of investors together and let them duke it out amongst themselves to find the winner, this is not realistic. Here are some ideas for helping you to locate the best deal:

Consider your niche

Chances are that your business idea is unique and special. If you are a single mom and you want to help people in underserved areas, then your idea is unique. There are grants designed to help business owners and to assist you to get your business idea off the ground.

When you define your niche, you will have extra benefits. As you look for funding, you will be able to sum up what sets your business apart from others like it. Moreover, you should research any investors that you approach to see those who have a specific interest in your startup.

Find a grant

When it comes to finding sources of funding, nothing is better than a grant. Money is given free of charge. Although landing grants is not easy, you should definitely try. Depending on your demographics and business location, you can apply for different types of grants.

Grants exist for single mothers, women, minority business owners, and much more. In order to apply, you need to type an honest application. However, most applications require extensive proposals detailing every aspect of your business.

Enter a contest

Another sign of growing support for startups is the sheer amount of contests that offer large financial rewards. To improve your odds of succeeding in these contests, you should make sure that your project stands out from the rest. You will have to pitch your idea through an essay or present it in person: the plan is to be as creative and original as possible.


Sites such as Kickstarter give startup owners the perfect platform to find funds for a new startup. Crowdfunding has become insanely popular in recent years and is getting attention from both businesses and investors. However, this popularity means that there is increased competition, so unless your business can draw attention to itself, it will go unnoticed and remain unfunded.

Angel investors

There are real life stories of people who get funds from angel investors. However, your idea has to be great. Before you think that angel investors are very kind, they usually have an ulterior motive. In return for funding, you have to surrender a portion of your company to these investors.

If you think you can trade equity for financing, then angel investors are the best source of capital. The most challenging part of looking for an investor is finding one who is looking for a project such as yours. You can start by visiting the nearest SBA – small business administration – if you want to connect with an investor.

Business credit cards

You can take out a business credit card to fund your business expenses. To qualify for one, you must have good credit and the ability to repay it. Before you choose a credit card issuer, you need to visit a credit card comparison site – that way; you will be able to find the best ones.