There are so many guides online showing you how to start your very own blog. There are many reasons why someone would want to look into starting a blog. For some, a blog is a great way to share your own personal story. A blog is a great way to have a voice and let yourself be heard. You can choose to share your voice with friends and family or share it with the whole world.

A blog is viewed similar to an online diary in many ways. For others, a blog is a great idea for making a part-time income from home. You can start a blog to sell your own products and services as well as selling affiliate products. No matter what kind of blog you are trying to make and for what purpose, there is a basic way to start any type of blog. Below are some of the main steps to help get you started.

Choose blog platform

When choosing a blogging platform, you have the choice of a free platform and a paid platform. There are benefits to each. For many beginners, it makes more sense to begin your new blog on a free platform until you decide if you are going to grow your blog and make it bigger.

The downside to a free blog platform is that you will have ads on your blog and you will be limited on how much space you are allowed to have. If you want to grow your blog, you will need to use a paid blogging platform. You will also need to get some hosting. A hosting company is necessary to have your blog visible on the internet and be able to be found in the search engines.

Choose domain name

A very important part to starting your new blog is choosing the domain name. The domain name is the name of your blog and is how most people will find you online. A good blog name should describe in some way what your blog is about. If you are blogging about one specific topic or are selling a certain type of product, then you will want to try and include that into your blog’s domain name if you can.

Even though short domain names are the best, you don’t have to get hung up on having a domain name that is one or two words only. There are many companies online where you can search domain names that are available. If you have started with a free blog and are wanting to upgrade to a more professional paid blogging platform, you will want to look into transfer domain name options. If your current blog is well-known, you will want to transfer your domain name instead of starting over with a new one.

Once you have an idea about why you want to start a blog and what its purpose will be, getting one set up and started is not too difficult. Finding a domain that is available for your blog site is quick and easy with sites like They make the process of registering or transferring a domain name very simple for everyone. There are plenty of options for starting blogs from beginners to experienced internet marketers alike.